Shots of Fair Colored

At times you just decide to be active and enjoy the people around you. Photography is about making those moments immortal. I remember the first lesson i learnt about photography a couple of years back when i was starting out. It was on the rule of thirds. A rule i learnt through my infinix note 3 phone. I dont know whether it is passion or not, i just wanted to take nice pictures and be proud of the images i made and i was pointed to the first right resources by @kshemen.

His advice was pivotal to my journey. Fast forward, these are samples of my pictures. The model is Marian. A friend of mine at my assistant photographers birthday. She isnt a hyperactive lady but decided to be extra excited for a friend.

I had some exciting shots.






Camera Details

Camera : Canon 6D
ISO : 400
Lens : 50mm
Aperture: F/3.2
Shutterspeed: Variable

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