Hopefully those who have participated in this contest have given away very good competitive content in the past and I believe everyone here is very talented and I am also trying to develop a little bit of my own talent among these talented people.

I always try to give more prominence to reality-centric stories and take pictures that are realistic.Well look at my picture before I come to the story later I hope you like it.20200503_23412801.jpegI don't know what your childhood was like but my childhood was a little different because I grew up in a village so I grew up watching a lot of things.Take a good look at the picture. You can see in the picture that a child is swinging but his swing is made in an alternative way.Honestly, our childhood was just like that. We didn't really get that much, but we tried to make ourselves happy by making some alternatives.
Today, when I return home after work, there is a big empty space in front of the house. There are some trees planted there. I see a child making a rocking alternative by tying a rope with 2 trees and swinging happily there. i also try to click this view because it reminds me of my past. anyway photography author. device: Samsung galaxy A20. location: my native area, Bangladesh. thank you .