Goth Sara - Black and White environmental portraits

I've completed a few photographic projects over the last few days, and I'm very much in the process of editing the work. There's four shoots worth of work, between an event, an outdoor shoot, and two looks in the home studio.

This post is all about Sara, her lovely Goth outfit, and the tones of black and white.

It was a pretty sunny day for this shoot, so I employed my favourite tool, a speedlight, the outdoors, and a mixture of natural light to pull off these portraits.

Processing in Photoshop is completed in Adobe Camera Raw, with dodge and burn completed using various curves layers after the fact.

Without further ramblings, the images:


Landscape, in the shade, where I very narrowly avoided walking into a massive spiderweb. The spider probably wasn't hazardous to my health (given I live in Australia, that's a bold claim!), but about a metre away (or too close) there an eight legged creature ready to pounce.

This photoshoot should've come with danger money!

The park had plenty of fallen logs, the type that appear to be struck by lightning at some point, then eaten by termites. The above image is taken with Sara posing on one such log.

Back in the shadows, creating some interesting patterns of light across the face using flash.

I like the natural glow behind this image. There's a very morticia (from the Adam's family) vibe going on here.

For the final two images, I focused on getting Sara posed really well, a combination of in-body posing, and posing to ensure that the eye is led through the frame to each and every point of interest.

Thanks for your time, stay tuned for more of my photographic content. I've got a set of images I'm still polishing that I absolutely cannot wait to share!

My Camera Kit and Gear:

2x Nikon D750
Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC USD G2
Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 VC USD G2
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 D
Nikkor 105 f/2 DC
2x Godox TT685N
1x Godox AD200
1x Godox Pro X1 Trigger


I am looking for to receiving my canon 135mm f2.0 prime L series lens, I just bought.

You will have to give me some tips using it, I think it might be out of my skill league.

That lens will be a dream. Does it have stabilisation? Unfamiliar with the Canon line up.

No stabilization, it was released in 1996 and still hugely popular today, super sharp even at 2.0. Portraits and low light are it main strengths.

Seems similar to this beast:

I've got the 105 version, its amazing. 135 would get you even more buttery backgrounds.

Yeah that’s it, Nikon and canon are the two giant in the arena. I also heard Sony have just released a 135 that is the best. (For a price obviously)

Yeah, the Sony variant is an absolute monster. Super dooper sharp, but it weighs about 4 station wagons, even for a mirrorless lens.

Gorgeous photos! Glad to see you so busy this year.

Thanks mate, I'm really excited about some of the next images I'm going to share, finally feel as though I'm reaching my creative visions on a consistent basis!

How'd you guys go at the Cancer Shave deal? Lose the beard?

hell no, I've still got the beard. Pics from the World's Greatest Shave were pretty good, I'll put up a selection in a few days, provided the virus hasn't ended me by then. :)

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