How To Use The AltYes Extension

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As Promised

We bring you simple instructions we have housed on YouTube and will most likely add to Dtube and 3Speak. This is not going to be an extensive post as it is designed to be an informative video for you. We have created an easy to follow instructional one that you can watch and get a good feel in the use of our new toy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or find us on any one of the listed social media venues. Enjoy AltYes!

Need An Easy Button?

You will probably need to download this masterpiece, right? The best place to stay up to date and find all the rlevant information is our website. Please visit FullAlt and you can even sign up to receive email notifications ahead of anyone else as we release updates and new toys.

"Tokenizing the web."


Was checking it out yesterday. Looks pretty neat.

 last year 

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to join us in the discord or ask away :) Do hope you enjoy using it!

Will do. Thanks

 last year 

Glad your surgery went well ;)

Me too. Lol :) and thanks

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Looks class. I'll have to get it now and start playing around. See what it can do.

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Have you tried it now?

Bring it to BRAVE!!! That is the browser of the future, and .. well.. the only one I use for security and such... when can I start to try out Alt Yes on Brave? Please say today!

 last year 

It is on Brave now!

I installed it on my chrome and logged in (using my Steemit data).

I posted on 'Hive'... where is that post? How can I see it?

The trx was: 5a57dc0dbfb7dc4bb293f24555e5e3fbfc142a77

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