Covid-19: How is the world responding to this global pandemic?

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As I flipped through the news reels, I cannot help but notice that, the Covid-19 pandemic is acting up in such a way that, everyone is becoming everyone else's brother.

okay, forget about the very few stupid and insane persons who were hell bent on infecting others.

The virus is spreading at an alarming rate forcing nations, even the most powerful one and God's own country (the US) to shutdown.

I would never have thought there will be such a time as when there will be a lockdown that not only applies to a particular country, race or people, but to everyone especially the high and mighty.

Isn't this an irony?

Leadership is being tested at this time and people are being shown how to be human and how to really feel for the plight of someone else other than themselves.

The lockdown is making many realize that, there may be a need for self-governance and responsibility.

The lockdown is getting out of hand and man's resolve is being tested. Nations are uniting and coming together to fight the biggest global pandemic yet.

To get the full list if countries and their infections rate, click> Covid-19 countries statistics.

Stay safe and keep indoors because, the virus doesn't spread by itself, it is the human vessel that enables it to spread.

If you are sick, stay indoors and away from other healthy people while you seek out a way to get better.

God bless the world and her residence.

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