Moral Values VS Society

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It is no secret that society is currently facing a series of difficulties that are detrimental to the normal development of mankind. Such is the case of health deterioration, environmental deterioration, poor international relations, consumerism, inequality, extreme poverty, racial prejudice, violence, corruption, loss of identity, among others.

No culture has escaped this scourge, and as if that were not enough, there are also the accelerated changes in the scientific, technological, communicational and industrial fields. All this has forced the individual of the 21st century to a reorientation in education, focused on a new model, based on moral values and changes in attitudes, which provide meaning and harmony to the life of the human being.

However, the great challenges to be faced by education in the contemporary world must be based on the creation of a new humanism, simultaneously with what this century envisions, a challenge to which every person in the international environment is exposed, due to the commitment that exists in recovering and/or strengthening humanistic thought, forming an essential part in the transformation of education. Allowing to live under an environment of harmony, with dreams of peace and respect for human rights, where there is no discrimination or xenophobia.


Following the same order of ideas, we can express that the formation of moral values has much relevance, which will meet the needs of social development in the world of globalization. Since there are many approaches that try to find an explanation to such a complex reality. Since each of them contextually addresses the issue of moral values, according to the impact on the results of the process where it is developed.

Based on this context, the formative process should not be admitted solely and exclusively as the teaching of a set of theoretical knowledge, whose contents must be learned by the subject, but fundamentally as the communication of values, according to certain objectives and goals previously established, which constitutes the very basis of the attitude as a way of life.

Now, when trying to make known the meaning of moral values it is difficult, since it is like an abstract, ideal thought. They cannot be seen or observed as such, because they are not concrete objects or events. Moral values imply a quality, a way of being or acting, what is desired in human behavior. They are also elements of a social and cultural context so they are discussed, taught and assumed within a concrete reality and not as an absolute entity.

In conclusion, this set of elements of moral values become notorious and necessary in the daily coexistence, where society assumes a posture of development, interacting man with respect, empathy, solidarity and harmony with his fellow men in a free and happy environment.


Particularly I think that the human being arrived at that point where it is not reached by chance, but by a series of errors, I do not think that it evolves to be better the new generation, I think that the values are resumed again and the good relations between us, it is a reminder of what was, to return to the good.
thank you

Greetings @yonglerosales, I am one of those who think that for a just society to exist, moral values must be instilled in young people that allow a balance in today's society.

hello friend @carlir, 100% agree with you, and as educators we must be guarantors of this set of values. I appreciate your comment. Regards.

Greetings @yonglerosales very interesting this position assumed "the great challenges facing education in the contemporary world must be based on the creation of a new humanism", no doubt the most important alternative to change the current unsustainable patterns is called education and we must all ensure that it arrives with the best possible quality. Thank you for your contribution

Moral values and society is two different topic. Our values don't count in this society nowdays as all becoming selfish and self minded. But we can keep up doing good work for the betterment of the society.

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