A bitter truth about us humans

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After sharing my Thoughts about Stand Up Against Bullying that was amazing i thought i should post here for something Bitter Truth About Humans…
we face big trouble few days ago about @ph-fund Share :
anyway that was not my topic

It is one thing to undermine the importance of excellent advice that's coming from an experienced soul, and another to ignore it all together.
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After all, nobody are often certain about some truths and facts in our world or in our society.

many successful people choose a different path from every body else and utilize the courage I told you about to fly ever higher into dangerous horizons.

But perspective is to big , and you can't have a considerable perspective of life without the assistance of individuals .
The thing is, we already see and know an excessive amount of .
many time lot of logical thoughts slip faraway from our perspective and that we lose touch of important aspects.
That is when advice can be really handy.

In our society , I even have always encouraged people to offer their opinions, have debates, and are available to conclusions on how they ought to approach certain aspects of their lives.

If you think that about it, this is often the entire point of this blog: Understanding and selecting a far better path of living… one which will cause you to proud within the long run!
But there's a bitter truth about us humans.

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Humans tend to not concentrate to good advice goodbye as they're not immersed in it.

What is the motivation that provides us this immersion ? Usually money more then Food.

You pay close attention to what your tutor , paramedical staff, instructor , . tell you because you've got given them money and even on a subconscious level, you can't help but respect their words.

I am unsure about how you'll counter this illusory tendency, but I do know that listening to what your close acquaintances are telling you may be a good start…

Those that you don’t pay, but always offer you honest and good advice!


The problem sometimes lies not in the advice, whether good or bad, but in the circumstances in which it is given, because the scenarios are dissimilar. It is necessary to give advice placing oneself in the other person's place and not in our own, because otherwise there will be no empathy and the person to whom we give it will see it as an opinion and will take it into account or not depending on the convenience.

you are amazing