Adding WOX-TRX Liquidity in JustMoney

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We want with this publication to make a guide for the new process of adding liquidity but from the platform, emphasizing that you can also continue to do it from SUNSWAP, but this is a safer way and also with a lower cost per operation, as it was announced in the following post: WOX-EXCHANGE: Important announcement for our investors.

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We go to Just Money, where we must first connect our TRONLINK Wallet by clicking on the top right button (Connect Wallet).



  • 1 It will ask us to confirm the access through our TRONLINK Wallet.
  • 2 We can see that it gives us the option to Add Liquidity.



  • 1 Click on Ad Liquidity.
  • 2 Select TRX.
  • 3 Select WOX token.

Remembering that the pair for adding liquidity is WOX-TRX.



  • 1 It is necessary to place the amount in TRX that we are going to add in Liquidity.
  • 2 Then the amount in WOX token.
  • 3 Click on SUPPLY, after placing the amounts to add in liquidity.
  • 4 As you can see, if we compare with the operating expenses in SUNSWAP, it decreases. Going from 70 to only 15 TRX the commission payment.



As you can see in the image below, the liquidity has already been added. Similar to how we do it in SUNSWAP, but with lower commission costs and with a higher level of security.



As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We invite you to join our discord channel:

Official WOX FI discord channel


 2 years ago 

Thank you for this update.

I would only like to take a second and remind to all Project.hope members, that even though some of our leaders (crypto.piotr, josevas, lupa) are supporting WOXFi -> we all are fully aware that this is very high risk project.

So my recommendation would be to ONLY invest small amounts of money, which you would be ready to lose.

APY is insane, which means that selling pressure will be also insane. Keep it in mind.

Thank you for such an elaborate material, it is certainly a guide that allows us to know in detail the new platform as well as the mechanism to provide liquidity. Regards

Hello friends, thanks for bringing us this tutorial to add liquidity from the Just Money platform, if it is more secure and with less commission it will be a good option to take into account when adding liquidity to the project. Regards

Thanks for the update. I want to ask, what about those that added liquidity in Sunswap, should they remove the liquidity and re-add it to Justmoney or will the liquidity be rolled over to Just money.

Thanks buddy

Greetings @wox-exchange
Thank you very much for this tutorial where you explain very clearly how to add liquidity. No doubt it is much cheaper than SUNSWAP, hopefully it will be of many benefits for all your investors .

Hello dear friends, thank you for sharing this great tutorial, already in terms of commission is quite representative what becomes an economical and safe way to invest in wox.

So long, have a great start to the week.

I am glad to see this update. Right now i am using sunswap but this is gonna be a cheap for me so adding liquidity from the Just Money is good idea. I will check this out in detail. Thanks.

Thanks for the recent update.

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