2022 World Backup Day

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March 31 has been promoted as World Backup Day for more than 10 years. This annual event reminds people to make a backup copy of their data before losing it, accidentally or cruelly, and make themselves April Fool. There is a website for this event where you can take an oath to save your data. According to the World Backup Day website, 21% of people have never saved their data, 29% of data loss is caused by accidents and 30% of all computers are infected with malware.

Making a backup copy of your data can help prevent that data from being lost in the event of a computer being damaged or stolen. It may also help you to restore your data if your computer is a victim of malware, such as ransomware (especially if your backups cannot be changed — or can not be changed, such as backup data encryption). Jeff Costlow from ExtraHop states: “Ransomware attacks have become very common. In fact, a recent ExtraHop poll revealed that 85% of organizations have been victims of ransomware over the past five years.


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David Friend, CEO of Wasabi, said, “The least effective way to protect and backup your data from cyber threats and ransomware is to keep the status quo in your archive, meaning that certain files and archives cannot be edited or deleted by anyone, even and program manager. ”

Betsy Doughty, VP of Corporate Marketing at Spectra Logic, shared, “As ransomware expands… it is also important for organizations to upgrade their IT toolbox with solution ware-resistant solutions that offer the same protection as unchanged abbreviations, encryption data, multi-item authentication, and multi-use. site duplication. "Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rubrik said," A fast-paced approach with the most sophisticated tools that provide data security, data visibility, and data acquisition is needed to truly protect the organization's data from cybercriminals. "

Many companies involved in data storage use this day to deliver a message, as well as many digital storage companies; such as Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital; offer deals on their backup and final products.

Some companies, such as Epson, market their digital signage to digital signage and storage, including backups, and analog content such as text and images.

Backup of your data can be done using an external storage device or by using an online backup service. Western Digital and Seagate offer discounts on their HDD (or SSD) line of external backup devices through their online store and Amazon. Online backup companies such as Apple, Backblaze, Google, Rewind, Veritas, Wasabi, and many more are also launching their services on March 31.

In addition to backing up data, it is important to know how quickly you can restore your data, especially if you are using a large organization. According to Ian McShane, VP of Strategy at Artic Wolf, "If you do not regularly check and verify the integrity of the backups, you are living in danger." Especially for large organizations, with a lot of important data, data protection measures beyond easy backup and recovery are essential.

Brian Spanswick, CISO Cooperative, says, “Making a backup copy is an important first step in data protection, but organizations need to think smartly and strive for complete online sustainability, recognizing that backup is one of the biggest statistics. Achieving true internet resilience means developing a comprehensive digital asset protection strategy, which includes integrated security and retrieval systems that give organizations the best chance of coping with cyber attacks.


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Don Foster, VP of Sales Engineering at Commvault, revealed that the average time it takes an organization to recover from a malware attack is 21 days. He comments, “This is a very long time, but it exists because of the wide variety of data sets available for many generations of applications and functions.

Unfortunately, it is also not easy, because each load has certain requirements for recovery in order to function fully. ” He continues, "In order to achieve the true robustness of IT service, customers need to make a good backup, but also need to modernize their system and ensure that there is no backlog while improving service levels to recover the most risks."

Long-term job growth during the last two years of the Epidemic has created additional opportunities for data loss and a targeted increase in malware. Joe Noonan, Product Manager from Unitrends and Spanning says, “Switching to remote operations has completely changed the way organizations protect and maintain their data.

Today, the focus is on data protection no matter where it resides - on-prem, on laptops for remote employees, cloud and SaaS systems ... Cybercriminal criminals have seized the opportunity of remote and multidisciplinary operating systems to launch a progressive cyber attack. , and the process of data recovery after an incident has become more complex due to the new demands of online insurance. ”

Ben Gitenstein, VP of Qumulo Product advises, “Rather than focusing on external threats, organizations need a comprehensive security solution that takes into account both internal and external risks.”




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Having a backup is a very necessary and fundamental thing to do. I remember some months ago, my device crashed. The luck I had was that I already made a backup before it happened. If not, I would have lost some important documents.

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