The 48 Hour Contest - What Features Would You Like On Steemit?

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Happy Saturday Steemit!

The daily contest is back... well it is bi-daily now. If you are new to the contests they are a fun way to earn some steem. The contest might be a question, or share a photo and the winners get 100% upvotes. You can also get upvotes just for participating so don't be shy. This is a great way for new users to get seen and make some steem while you are starting out. But they are open to everyone and I am very friendly so please feel free to partake. And since they will be open for 48 hours that means I have double the voting power to give out to everyone.

I will be running these every day on Hive and Steemit for the Project.Hope community.

Check them out here and give them a join:

They post about technology, steem, AI, finance and the economy so they contests will revolve around those topics. But don't worry if you are not an expert in them the contests will still be light and fun so anyone can get involved today. For now I will be running them here and on Hive and you are free to post your answer on both.

And if you want me to make content for your community or run contests there please let me know. I can make the time for the next weeks or months until the world goes back to normal.

Enough of the boring details lets get to the days contest.

What would you like to see on steemit? It can be anything. Maybe you want to see more ways added to bur steem. Or a game portal like Facebook has? Do you wish we had a chat and PM feature or an easy way to make your own community? Let me know in the comments what you would like to see added to steemit. For me I would like to see a way to reward users who bring in a lot of traffic. Maybe give the ad tools so we can earn revenue for our posts outside of crypto. This would be a great incentive to make evergreen SEO friendly posts.

But that is me, what do you want to see? I will try to give everyone who responds a big upvote. You have two days to answer in the comments.

Go team!


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Very interesting publication and very good your contribution, great initiative.

I would like :

  • More applications for Android, especially games in which you will earn steem / for playing them, and that would be simple, such as solitaire, roulette, or trivia like who wants to be a millionaire ?.

We could definitely use dapps on the phone on the steem blockchain. Simple ones like you suggest would draw in a lot of people who are new to crypto.

In deed, i will love a very cool game gor android, something like a virtual pet, that when you interact with it, you earn steem/sbd .
Maybe some developers read this post and collect some ideas to build some good games!(hope so). 😍

A virtual steem pet would be great

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Do you want your answer as a comment or a post.
Well, these are mine.

  1. Work on more good outlook, the bad news Steem has been on the past few weeks and months hadn't been beneficial to the platform. It time to work on rebranding our image.

  2. More use cases for Steem, since done witness are gone and they are going with there project, we need those who will create something tangible here.

  3. Increase the value of Steem.

  4. Bring more content creator on board here. Etc.


A comment is good. But if you have a lot to say for any of these contests feel free to make a post and then link the post in the comments.

1.) Yeah we could use some advertising and branding to get people to use the site.
2.)It seems a lot of the devs went to hive so new people will need to be hired if steem is going to get more dapps
3.) Steem really really really needs this, the more value the more people use the site. I keep saying the price of the coin is what effects traffic the most.
4.) That could go with an ad campaign.

 4 years ago 

I would like them to revoke the modification of the rules of use that they put in their article 14 that allows Stemit to censor posts that refer to links to other platforms, I liked Steem's idea of being resistant to censorship and I see it as something unfortunate that your first Dapp and older interface now have a form of content censorship.

Hey! Where have you been?? How are you?? How's everything?

Long time no see

Stay in touch and don't be a stranger ^_^

 4 years ago 

Hello, for a time I was "out of service" due to a small personal crisis and a state of mind that was rather depressing.

I am back and will try to stay connected.

Mantente distraido, es la mejor forma de esquivar la depresión.

Si quieres te recomiendo unos best seller muy buenos que me encantaron. No soy de leer muchos libros, pero estos me llamaron la atención ^_^


Stay distracted, it's the best way to avoid depression.

If you want, I can recommend some very good best sellers that I loved. I don't use to read many books, but these caught my attention ^_^

I'm more pro Hive, nevertheless, I'd like to see on Steemit more contests that improve contents :D

Contests are a good way to give people ideas of what to post and help them earn steem

And betters content too :D

The ability to crosspost both on Steem and Hive and to read the comments from both chains at the same time.

Integrate it with Brave Creators

Excelent idead :D

Yes a game portal. Also a decentralized way to link all (or the majority) of the chains that link to my Steemit content. Of course with one click login so I need only input my key once per day. After Sun took over, Keychain just does not run the same.

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