😱 UpTrennd gains +250% in a day because it is "working" on DeFi integrations ! When STEEM?

in Project HOPE2 months ago

Hello HODLers and HOPErs,

2 days ago, I posted an article named How do I earn cryptocurrencies through Blogging ?

I mentioned UpTrennd


UpTrennd is an easy to understand Crypto Social Network.

You have different communities and topics that you can follow. You create posts and upvote the ones you like. By writing a post/comment that's being upvoted, you gain points that you can use to level up or to sell against $. The higher your level, the more your upvote will be worth and also other Uptrenndians might take you more seriously.

This is the platform where I earn the least ( probably 3-4$ per month) but I believe Jeff and the team are making a lot of updates.

Therefore, I bet in the future these 1up tokens (Uptrennd native tokens) might be worth much more. They should release an android app in the coming months.

Well, Jeff announced something today


And then the DeFi Miracle happened !




➡️ Be paid daily to browse with Brave Internet Browser
➡️ Youtube
➡️ Publish0x
➡️ UpTrennd
➡️ Read.cash
➡️ Minds
➡️ Hive
➡️ Twitter
➡️ Facebook
➡️ A secure and easy wallet to use: Atomic Wallet


Oh I think it's fantastic, I'll check to see what this platform of content generation is about, greetings and thanks for sharing.

Oh my God!! I missed out on this. I bought over 3500 1up token few weeks ago but sell them due to impatient

This was actually a great event for most uptrennd users and some of them became millionaire through that pump in price. I just hope we can have Defi partner with Steemit too.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💓💕❤️

Interesting, I heard about it from a friend sometimes ago but did not pay much attention to it I will surely check it out.

Fintech already exists on steem - Defi would just mean those programs would be automated, but sometimes is better to have a human fund manager.

Thank for sharing

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