The Bonsai Effect: An Obstacles To A Successful Business

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We all have some kind of thinking that always serve as an obstacle or a draw back anytime we feel like doing some things or at times we see our collegues or people around us making progress in their business or selling more than use and we will be trying to tie their success down with things like oh! He sell more than me because he have lot of influencers as friend, she is rich because she add some illegal stuffs to what she is doing and on like that without knowing that there are things really affecting us and not them. Most of us are really in our confort zone and we don’t want to move out of it. Have you heard of a tree known as the bonsai tree?



Most answer will be a capital no, I recently came across it, this type of tree are been produce using some kind of japanese techniques to grow a full tree inside a pot. Like just imagine a full grown tree inside a pot, what I know back then in agriculture was nursery bed, like planting things in a pot then transfer it to the farm or permanent site after some certain period but here, the pot will serve as the permanent site for that tree and this tree will have all the things other tree will have but they will never grow beyond the pot. If you don’t move out of your comfort zone, you are just like a bonsai tree how.

A bonsai tree will be provided with everything it need, just like you in a comfort zone, you have everything you need and you wont want to move out, while those who arent under a bonsai condition will be able to expand themselves, make research on various things to boost their business and succeed. A bonsai tree will always be jealous of other trees who have the chance to sort out things and nutrient themselves because they are out of their comfort zone. Are you out of your comfort zone?
There are lot of ways we can take to move out of comfort zone but we need to first find out what is actually limiting us and preventing us to move. What are you afraid of, do you think if you step up, you might not succeed or your business might crash. Someone once told me to “fear only fear”. If you cant take a decision to battle that fear in you, it will be so difficult to reach that success you always dream of. You have to make the decision and move out of your comfort zone.

You also need repetition and consistency, you have to train yourself to be comfortable while being uncomfortable, moving out of your zone wont be an easy thing because outside there will be new but success is a gradual process. You have to keep moving as you keep getting comfortable with the discomfort and you will be amazed how good the result will be. You have to unbonsai yourself and be free from what is limiting you. Free yourself, that is the only option you have.


Really interesting piece and writing method, I have never heard of a bonsai tree before and the way you relate it to life and business is beautiful.

Thanks, really glad you love it

Consistency is what keeps a business growing and improving, the best way to improve a business is to keep improving it and to keep showing that you can do better

Yes that is the key, consistency

Hmm.... It's really people who leave their comfort zone to get whatever they want are the real success. It's really cool to understand the Bonsai effect on business as it is indeed a great obstacle on one's business.

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