Splinterlands: An Investment Game You Shouldn’t Neglect

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Today I will love to divert a little into this blockchain game I have been engaging myself with for more than a year and some month now, and I haven’t for once regret investing in this game nor have any time wasted playing it, instead I learn daily from it. To me, I took it as one of my online business because it do give me incomes every time I engage myself with it. So I really fit the entrepreneur section. Yippie the game is Splinterlands, if I am to start talking about it, it cant even take up to 3-4 post because it will be like a business tutorial coupled with some certain experience backing it up.



Splinterland is a fully decentralized, digital collectible trading card game built on the Hive blockchain which is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

This game have been in existence for long first from the steem blockchain before moving down to the hive blockchain and it is one of the top game with the most active users and engagement. Let dive into the really deal.

Why you should Join and take Splinterlands as one of your investment platform

Remembered I told you, there are lots to talk about and lot of opportunities attached to this particular game but let me share my experience on how I join the platform. Back then I think I heard of the game early 2019 but couldn’t join because I was so new to investment and was occupied, I have interest in it but didn’t go for it until I joined a discord group where I was talked into it, their discussion that day make me decide to join and register and along the way, I started gaining more knowledge and understand that reaching the top league is a matter of your investment and it really worth it because there are lot of rewards attached to it, one thing we will discussed in full details soon. Most people I told about the game always at one point drift away so fast before they even have full knowledge about the game and neglect it, only if they know what they are missing, only those into it can share you the real experience, why do you think we have top investors on splinterlands.

I know how this particular game have been of help to me so far, how many rewards it do generate for me so far that I even loss count, how it have help my investment life from the dec I do accumulate from each battle I won and the daily reward. Stay tune on possible ways splinterlands can give you some earnings you want both while playing the game and also on hive blockchain. More goodies coming in

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it's a great game but he asked me if not it will be more favorable for those who have been playing for longer and have better cards, does this put new users at a disadvantage?I hope not. I will still be aware of your next publications because this guide that you offer seems very interesting and of much help.

no it doesnt put new users at a disadvantage at all. the mode of the game is to update your cards if you wish to defeat your opponent because the player with the best strategy and stronger card will surely win

Greetings friend, I have been in the game for about two years and I agree with you on many things, as a game and as an investment or business it has been very good since like you I have generated interesting profits although with the recent modifications the profits have been reduced Quite still is a fairly reliable way to generate a little profit while having fun.

sure it is, there have been lot of changes so far and the profit might reduce a little but it still worth it on a long run, moreover there are lot of ways to earn through splinterlands. watch out for my next post today