How To Create Your Own Online Training Courses

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One business that is really growing fast than we imagine is online training courses production. The business is really growing faster and very profitable. This is one way you can use to boost your income and even use it to start up another business. Many people have been purchasing courses to learn one skills or the other from digital content creation to affiliate marketing to cryptocurrency crash course and so on, have seen them and I know how they sell a lot.

As long as you have a good skill that is teachable, you can start create course on it and start your own training avenue and those interested will surely look for you. There are 3 things you need to consider before you can start developing your own online course training and this things are really important. These include

Your Knowledge or Skill

Having a knowledge or skill is the first thing you must possess, you have to invest in yourself first and learn a skill to the mastering level and be a pro in what you are doing. I don’t mean you learning something you aren't practicing and you start selling them when you don’t even know what you are teaching, it can have bad effect on you and your reputation if your audience find out

Your Audience

Finding audience is very important, this are the people that have interest in what you are teaching. This is the part where you start broadcasting your advert to bring the interest audience in

Getting A Proper Venue

You need to make research also on which venue will you be using to communicate with your audience. Most trainer make use of whats-app, telegram to teach their audience and some do make use of zoom to create live webinars and some make use of YouTube also for video related training. You will have to choose one that is very convenient for you and one your audience can easily make use of.

After getting all this ready, you can now further more in what you need to do, most people do make use of website to teach their student which is always useful, you can see training website like, coursera, you can even start your own udemy which is one of the popular training platform. You need to outline how your course will be, if it is a video course, how many mins will it be, wont your audience get tired if they watch long mins video, will 5mins video be enough for them. What will your introductory video entails, how will you make it more explainable so your student will easily understand what you are teaching and so on. This things are very important things you need to deliberate on before starting your online training courses.

How are you going to deliver this courses you created. There are various way you can can use which include delivering through emails which was one of the old way used back then before YouTube and ted came into existence and it is still working up till now, just that people don’t really make use of it like that. Another way is using a membership website which you can create and upload your content there, if you can create a website, you can easily make use of word press and you can use them to charge your fee in anyway you want, you just need someone who can help you in creating it or you learn it before starting. Don’t limit your ability and start that course today if you can.


Sharing the knowledge we have is a very good way to learn more: we grow more by sharing more knowledge and we also have some extra means of income that way.

Excellent information the truth today many people do and now with the pandemic much more. I think it's great to be able to create something from our knowledge and something of our own, that carries our seal or our signature on it. Teaching others is not for everyone, not everyone knows how to communicate in the best way, but it is a skill that can be learned if that is what you want. Greetings!

The presence of Coronavirus pandemic has really moved lot of things and businesses from offline to online and this is why some schools now engage in e-learning operation.

I also use to run an online class via whatsApp sometimes though but I've actually stopped for a while now due to my tight schedule.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

This guide is really going to be helpful for a lot of people since this is a time where every cash is very relevant.