Everthing is possible: Never Allow Peer Influence To Kill Your Business Dream

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image from whatsapp status

I will so love to share this with you all today, I was viewing some status yesterday night when I actually saw this image about and I received some indepth idea about it, viewing it what do you think happens to the guy in the picture. Things like this always happen to almost everyone with one idea or one business mind but alone the way the idea will just die off because of some environmental factors around us.

Let say we have 6 part in the image above, we can see the guy walking towards his friends happily with a tangible idea which he want to share with them. we have some ideas building within us which we always want to implement and at times we feel like sharing the idea with our friends or someone if they will also want to implement the idea with you. When the guy reach where his friends were, he started telling them the business idea and plan he want to implement but instead of them to accept his idea, they started rejecting his offer and keep telling him it is impossible, it cant work, the talked him down and kill his plan and idea.

On a long run, he became like them, vision less with no ambition just like them. they use to say that we should always watch out and be careful when selecting who we walk with or friends, there are lot of people out there who want to be your friend and you will be a prey to them, they are there to just to kill your dream and not to impact you positively. Bad company will always corrupt your good character. Always learn not delete the word impossible from your mind, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, there are lot of people out there making impossible thing possible. You should take this people as your strength, you can do it, don’t let people impact you negatively and kill your dream.

You are the product of the five people you are hanging out with, don’t let anyone deceive you that you cant make things happen, you can if you set your mind to it. I have seen great minds become mediocre just because of environmental conditions and who they are hanging out with. Even first law of thermodynamics state it “that energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. Just like osmosis, the energy of the people you are moving with can affect your own kind of energy all because you want to feel among. You start to see that greatness in you reducing and you are slowly becoming a mediocre, all your dreams, keep fading away because your friends told you it is impossible. Cut them off and follow your idea, start your journey.


I always try to emphasize to my young friends the importance of keeping good friends who have life vision.

@valchiz first of well said everything is possible as we have seen nothing is impossible in this life if we have courage and guts to fulfill we can achieve all our goal and have successfully in life.

These days people do not even know what they really want any longer, almost everyone wants to be like someone they like while totally ignoring what their true dreams are, personally I have made a decision never to be controlled by anyone.