Dropshipping Business: One Thing You Can Engage With

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Yep am back online to drop this business idea I want to talk about for days now but I have not been able to find the right time to talk about it. I think I have to pause everything am doing today and concentrate on this write up. You really want to know what it is about right? Yep it is about Dropshipping business which is one of the business you can engage in with just little capital. This type of business, you don’t need to allow huge capital to hold you down and somehow to me, it is one kind of business you can easily engage in and profit from.

Back in the days, I do see people stock up their store with the hope of seeing customers coming over to purchase what they are selling and at times there are some stores where they have goods which have use months and some years with them and they cant see someone to sell it too instead I do advice them why not go into droppshipping business instead, it isn’t compulsory you really have to ship in the business from china or other countries but there some ways you can do yours. In this kind of business, you act as the retailer (middle man) between the wholesaler and the final consumer, it sound familiar right, just like how they do teach use back then in school. In this aspect, you don’t need to stock up your store at all, all you just need is to receive order about what the consumer want to buy and you help the purchases it from the wholesaler or the product owner, then it will be shipped down to the consumer.

Look like something you can do right, one thing you don’t know is that most business you are seeing out there especially the online stores, ecommerce website, they don’t have most of the products you are ordering from them, instead after your orders, they get those things from the wholesaler or the product owner and send them down to you. Most people are really getting into this train and most also have to learn more details about it before
engaging in it. Let look at some benefit within Dropshipping.

It is easy to start and grow

Like I said earlier, this kind of business model is really easy to start because it doesn’t really require lot of capitals or even demand you opening a shop before you can working. Most times all you need is a phone, network and connection to both wholesaler and the consumers. You don’t need to have experience about it but you need to have knowledge on it even if it is just the basic steps, in the growing aspect, things wont really change at all, it is a fast growing business and all you need to be good out is how to improve on your sales and marketing skills because that is one important aspect of Dropshipping.

It is flexible and easy to manage

Yes, this business is really flexible, you can work from anywhere even from home as long as you have your device with you. And you don’t have to work 24/7, you can always work at your own convenient time. Also here you are the decision maker, you have no one to order you around or control you. You are your own boss.

The disadvantages of Dropshipping

As the saying, there is nothing that have a good side that wont have a bad side, there are some disadvantages in most business likewise in Dropshipping which include:

The margins are slim

Yep, this do occur most times when you are in a competitive niche where there are lot of people in, you know how it use to be in those kind of situation, you will always see people with lower price than urs, but if you really make your research and choose the right niche, you will really enjoy it.

Ordering process problem

The most problem in Dropshipping always show up in the ordering part, most times you will have different suppliers and most suppliers will always have different solution when it comes to shipping and it will surely create some certain problems for you and your customers. And also their billing will always be different.

You don’t have control over some certain things.

Inasmuch as Dropshipping is easy to do, you certainly wont have control over something especially the order fulfillment, if the order wasn’t filled on time, this can bring in complains from your customers. And at times you always take the blame from your customers the most when the product didn’t work out the way they expect it to work out.

We still have lot of things to discuss about especially in the next post. Stay tuned



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I really like the idea of drop shipping because it is less risky but my fear of going into drop shipping right now is the fact that so many retail companies are already offering e-commerce option which is even more reliable and trustworthy than dropshipping so I am really scared for the future of dropshipping.