LeoBridge: Simplifying the Cruise into the Crypto Ocean with Less Fees and Atomic Swaps

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One of the scariest experiences I have had in my crypto wealth journey was being able to stretch out of the Steem-Hive blockchain to acuire asserts in other chains. Truly speaking,. it was hard to believe that were any other chains that are safer out there apart from BTC and ETH which fees drives me away. In fact, I felt every other chains are centralized ans thus my funds can't be safe there. It took years to be able to trust Binance to deposit my assets there.

Last year, I was still very active when $RUNE came into the scene at the lows below $, yet was unable to buy in as I had become so accustomed to Hive blockchain that other blockchain infrastructures look inferior. I thought that we'll have a collaboration between LeoFinance and Thorchain son, so that I can be able to trade RUNE with LEO but that didn't sail though. Simply put, my first Three Years of knowing and owning crypto has been centered on Steem-Hive and a little of BTC, ETH.

Thanks to @LeoFinance for the LeoInfra feature that birthed cross-chain linkages for Hive and other chains.


Really exciting to see the developments around the LeoFinance community in 2021 that has made it possible for us who are naive with other chains to gradually appreciate them through the linkages with LeoFinance and the grand feature is here - #LeoBrigde.

I have been writing about DeFi until I participated in CubDeFi a few weeks ago which already shows how unique pooling resources could be. So far, I've been able to realize over $560 worth of profits on top of the free CUB tokens which was received free. With CubFinance venturing to trade CUB and bLEO against other tokens on Binance Smart chain could only be merrier. With LeoBride, I can already imagine how lovely the cruise into the ocean of crypto would be from Hive.

LeoBridge has been marked as the first in a long-line of DeFi developments on top of the Cub Finance base layer and a one-stop shop for DeFi. Agreed and looking at the schematic above, the future already looks big for CUB and LEO tokens on the Hive blockchain with the solution that LeoBridge seeks to introduce to the crypto sphere.

There is nothing even remotely similar to LeoBridge that exists today. There are other bridges and ways to transfer funds from ERC20 to BEP20 (Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain) but we have yet to see one that offers a one-click user experience.

LeoBridge will make swapping assets from Ethereum to BSC as simple as swapping tokens via an automated market maker (AMM). source

Looking at the update on LeoBridge, it is crucial to see that LeoFinance is now modelling as the first in the cryptosphere when it comes to innovation and creating of valueful blockchain solutions. This has a way of taking Hive to the eyes of big investors out there coupled with the recent price action that is gradually bringing Hive to $1 value and more.

Very crucial is the fact that despite the atomic option of swapping ECR20 tokens with LeoBridge, the fees are as insignificant as anything when compared to ETH gas fees.

0.25% swap fees are taken on Bridge TXs which get sent directly to the CUB treasury to buy/burn CUB and bLEO.

At this juncture, it'll be more profitable to stay and earn more LEO as the traffic and growth of LeoBride would have a price impact on LEO and CUB value with frequent burns that will be coming. We are gradually accessing the future and things can only get greener!

Surely, Binance won't be able to ignore $CUB and $bLEO for so long. It's better they listed the do now than later.


Wao..That is awesome update nice time to invest

Yes indeed. The earlier the better

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