How much are you earning from your Passion, Hobbies?

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I had thought that hobbies were just for fun until I joined Steem blockchain back then in 2018. I love reading and writing. It's always a good time each time I can learn something new to add to my wealth of knowledge. Writing for me is what I do for the fun and passion. This is why I love writing about my experiences and things that are very visible around me. Funny that this is where I had the hardest hit during my high school days.

I remember when my English teacher then had to call me to her office out of concern and obliged to take me on extra writing lessons during break. I tell you, I was so poor at it even with penning an informal letter. I had literally hated English studies when I discovered I found it quite difficult to write. I had to give-up my hopes of being a lawyer the moment I was told that English Studies is a compulsory subject I had to pass.

Time passed and the stories changed. Those few days in my teacher's office doing some extra writing lessons while others played really paid-off. I remain indebted to that woman of value. Before I could know it, I had fun writing short piece till it became what I could do to earn a living even off the chain.


I had thought that socialmedia were just for fun until I joined Steem blockchain. My twitter and Facebook accounts would be 20 years soon, yer, I can't pen how much value I've drawn from there career and Finance wise. The fun there are just awesome but finally I discovered I had wasted a good part of my capital for business buying data just to fun with friends and earn valueless likes on my pix and texts.

Three years only here and it's been like 30 years. The learning is just as I would have taken a short course in Technology, Finance and Cryptocurrency. I must say, I've learnt a lot. The passion of learning is what drew me here to Hive and it became a place where my dreams got funded and incubated.

It's a great experience that I write about my daily experiences and it fetches me some good bucks that round to $5 to $10 dollars or more daily. More interesting is the fact that I hit my "like" button and there, I share $$ to friends and get some % back to my wallet at the end of 7 days.


Above is the Hivestats view of my sports curation account @uyobong.sports which literally contains my sports and fitness related contents. The social account has so grown over the years to be a multi Thousand dollar holding account where sports passion and hobbies are rewarded.

Taking the below screenshot, it was interesting to see how I earned as much as $5.34 yesterday for "liking sports contents posted on the Hive blockchain. By effect, the posts I voted on also earned $5.34. Having that value rounding over a month consistently would run into $160. That's 30% into my dream $500 monthly earning from my interests in sports.


If I tell you, I'm not really a sports fan, but I just love to read and enjoy the awesome stories that stem from that sector. I hit my "like" button to show I love the story and boom, I'm sharing cash in the process.

That's how far my passion for learning and writing hobby fetches me on Hive blockchain. I'll love to read yours too.

Happy weekend!


In this present age, passion needs to be turned into a method to earn. Your passion is definitely doing you no good if it isn't adding anything to the pocket I tell you, nice post buddy.

Very true brother. We're in an age where fun is work.

What a very excellent publication @uyobong and I really found this helpful. I've really been making cool cash via my hobbies and it's really great earning doing what you love.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕💓

Indeed, this is the new normal. Not business as usual.

Awesome. I just increase my interest more now in sport.
I will definitely be staking more token before the month ends

It'll be great to have you there and curate your contents.

Everything can be monetized currently since the world has moved to give incentives for hobbies.

That's just it, but just a few accept this truth.

Most times passions are things you just do either while you are earning from them or not. For me, if I start looking at the earning part of my passion, I would start to get discouraged when I do not earn from it anymore.

WHile I really understand your point but the world is changing quickly. People are now paid for their passion. See footballers and other athletes there.

I love writing and currently, the only reason for a smile is Steem, Hive, and project-hope. It has been fun being a part of this platform and this community and I must say that @crypto-piotr has done awesome creating project hope.

Great to know that writing is also your passion and you're making the most of it.

Relatively learning how to perfectly turn hobbies into rewards is very good for the mind and for the pocket.

The excitement of being able to earn from what you love is very important and exciting.

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