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A few years ago, I received an airdrop from the so-called Ethos wallet. I think I got 1 BitDegree token or something, and it made me check out what it was all about. BitDegree is an online platform for studying, and here you can find courses on all sorts of topics. However, I didn't do anything with it until earlier this week when I decided to pay the website a visit.


Much has changed since then, and it seems to me as if the token itself is kind of dead and meaningless (no volume and no need for the token to pay for courses at the website). In other words, the token seems to be kind of dead.

However, the website is absolutely alive and it is actually very nice to look at. And here comes the nice part, there are lots of courses available completely for free. That is very nice if you want to grow and learn new stuff, something that we should aim to do for as long as we live.

BitDegree looks good!

As I said, this is a website that actually looks good. That is not very normal, but here you can create your profile and find courses quickly. Most courses are very cheap, but you will also find quite a lot of free courses. Of course, the quality of the courses available vary quite a lot, and even some of the paid for courses feels like I could have produced courses with better quality in my living room... In other words, look at the small clips from the courses before you actually pay for a course, just so you know what to expect if you decide to learn more on a topic.

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A cool function recently introduced are the so-called Learning Paths. Here you will find a path that will take you through different courses in order to get more knowledge on a topic. I have started the Digital Marketing Guru course, and it is really useful... short, free, and easy to follow. If you go through all of it, you will for sure learn a lot and get insight in how to build websites, how to strengthen your website, how to get visitors, how to build back-links, how to run an email list, and several other topics. That is just one example of a course and a learning path. If you want to learn more about blockchain, or maybe how to create your own game, you will find this and so much more.

I wanted to share this with the Project Hope community simply because I find this to be a great resource and a way to develop our skills in the midst of a tough life with COVID and other stuff pushing us. It is also useful if you are in isolation, because it will help you get new skills and adapt to a life in quarantine, and also to open the doors to new working possibilities and more.

I know there are many other platforms like this online, but I really like the design, the fact that quite a lot is available for free! Go ahead, learn something new today (and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow)!

Knowing that many people come from poor countries, this is also a great way to learn for those who cannot afford attending a university, a college, or other online courses.

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Some of the courses on the website you talked about can be worth informative and one can even acquire knowledge through that. It will he worth checking it out though