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greetings to the entire community I hope you are well and in good health, this time I will talk about the importance of the tools of work when we desidimos generate income from the web, I hope you like it and you can leave a comment, For me your comments always help me to know that my articles are useful to the community.

when I started in steemet I realized the importance of having some tools that would allow me to do a better job writing an article. these tools were (a good internet service and a computer), as time went by my needs changed, it was not only the need of a pc with an internet connection but also a more reliable electricity service.

I mention all this because I recently got my computer and internet service that covered my needs.

with these tools I felt that I could make many more articles and also other jobs, from my point of view I already had what I needed, however I was wrong, as a power surge caused a power outage and also the loss of my hard drive due to the power outage.

in a few words the power surge burned the hard disk of my pc, at that moment I thought about the importance of a protector to help protect the computer that cost me so much to buy, also that tragic fact showed me the lack of a series of small tools that are very necessary at the time of dedicating to remote work, here is a list of them

-a computer with an i3 processor or higher
-internet connection greater than 2 megabytes
-a USB memory stick with a capacity greater than 32gb
-a rufus type boot program
-the iso image of your operating system
-A Power Boost Protector Station
-a 1tb solid hard disk
-a cable (usb to sata)
-ax1800 wifi router
-a keyboard and a computer mouse

all these tools will allow you to repair your computers and create backups of the information which is very valuable, if you are missing any of these tools and you live in a country like venezuela repairing your pc will take you months instead of hours you will also have to spend money unnecessarily if you are missing any of these tools.

when you are going to do a serious job, the best thing you can do is to have at hand the tools that will allow you to do a good job. people like me who don't have the tools lives with the constant risk of a power surge interrupting their planning

on the other hand I know it is difficult to get the money needed to have these tools, but as good entrepreneurs we can not give up, as time goes by we can accumulate more and more tools.

for me a very useful advice is "if you know what kind of work you are going to do, focus on having the tools that will allow you to do the job without problems".

Finally I do not want to miss the opportunity to clarify that one of the best tools you can have, is the ability to know how to use correctly the tools you have.

the right way to use the tools you have at hand gives you a great advantage, not knowing how to use these tools that are at your disposal diminish your ability to solve a problem.

in conclusion you must not only know what kind of work you are going to do, you must also accumulate the necessary tools to accomplish your work in the best way, finally you must be able to use those tools in the right way, that is "know how to use them", learning how they work allows you to solve the present problems and also to be better prepared for future problems.

created by: @trabajosdelsiglo


Good list indeed to which may I add the determination to keep working at the job.
Keep posting>interecting >repeat

hello @thetimetravelerz,
you are absolutely right, the tools are only useful if the person has the ability to be consistent.


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It is one thing to get the necessary tools, it is another thing to be able to use them appropriately, knowing how to use them is definitely more important than getting them. Congratulations on your new computer.

hello @gbenga ,
you are very right, it is important to have tools and to know how to use them, it is useless to have many tools and not know how to use them. thanks for reading and commenting

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