Presearch: Node Operator Reward #3

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I have been running Presearch node for over 6 months and this was my 3rd month that I received PRE, AND 3rd straight month I lost money for running a server because I have a cloud server that runs my server I can't even pay for it with this rewards...😨
Anybody making money from this? Let me know how lol.

This month I received a little over 100 PRE which is my personal record and a pretty big jump from last month. I believe last month was like 60 PRE so that was nice 🙂
I am going to claim it and stake it to my node since PRE went down pretty hard like everything else.

And 100 PRE is about $4 now so it makes no sense to cash it out or anything.
(or running a node? 😅)

This is my stats

Total uptime looks good.
Latency looks pretty bad lol.
Success rate is good so I guess my node is doing well, but not that reliable?
I do not understand why reliability score is 71.9... oh well.
This is still on the testnet so I don't care too much.

Hopefully next month I will receive more PRE and the token price will recover... 🤞

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hello @tomoyan,
I believe that success in anything is about consistency as you become an expert your rewards will increase to the point of making your node's performance very profitable.

Thanks for sharing i've earned some PRE token too since i joined.

Seems like earning the PRE token at the end was not even worth it considering the price

its not worth it haha

Greetings @tomoyan I am not an expert in this type of investment but according to your results it is not worth investing time and money in this type of projects, but it is a good initiative in search of diversifying our investments. Thanks for your contribution

How much do you spend to run your cloud server monthly?

It costs about $10 😅

Alexa ranking is holding up well. Better things should come as more people get interested in cryptocurrency and start moving away from Google.

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