What do we know about Green Hydrogen?

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From hydrogen we can remember that in the periodic table of elements it is identified with the letter "H", it is generally found combined with other elements so to obtain them it must be isolated or synthesized, this is due to the fact that much of the hydrogen “alone” (without combination) is found in the atmosphere and it is not very easy to “capture” it.

The term green hydrogen refers to an expression that defines a “fuel” of green origin, which is obtained from “renewable energy”.

The philosophy of obtaining "green hydrogen" suggests that no polluting gas emissions occur during the process, and although it may seem impossible, this can be achieved.


Ways to obtain Green Hydrogen

For now, there are two “non-polluting” mechanisms for obtaining green hydrogen, one is by electrolysis and the other would be through thermochemical processes, in both cases what is sought is to break down the water molecule to isolate the hydrogen.

Apparently this does not seem very difficult, however, it requires a large investment of "non-green" energy for the execution of each process, which is a bit counterproductive for me. , because what is sought with obtaining "green hydrogen" is the substitution of other polluting energy sources such as fossil fuels.

This last point gives me a lot of expectations ..!


How far progress can be made with the use of green hydrogen as fuel?

As a civil engineer with extensive experience in the area of roads and transportation (in my country), I can anticipate thinking about some things such as, for example, what kind of machinery and Teams can use “green hydrogen” as a fuel to replace gasoline or diesel, these being the fossil fuels of choice in the large construction industry.

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In particular, I think that heavy machinery such as large Pay loaders, Scrapers, Tractor and Bulldozers could not develop a great performance and expected production if their "technology and internal combustion system" is replaced by one suitable for the use of green hydrogen, I am thinking of the necessary ignitions in the engine for it to develop the propulsive power that these great teams need.

I try to visualize this idea in my mind and I don't see it well defined in the short term

Another situation I think of is in the shipping industry, where long travel distances, cargo volumes and delivery times are directly proportional to the power required to achieve the movements between countries in the complex sea route.

And finally I think, if this were to become viable at some point, what would happen to the great petrochemical infrastructure that exists in some countries like Venezuela, and many more around the planet? Would it be dismantled? Would it be used in some way?

Can the oil industry coexist with the next “green hydrogen” generation industry?

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To conclude, I want to add that I have "green and sustainable thinking", I widely support the development of renewable alternatives, non-polluting alternatives, healthy alternatives for the planet and humanity, but as Engineer and researcher, my thinking is also realistic, and the things that I cannot see in the short term as feasible, in a way make me isolate "for a while" some ideas, however great they may seem. Has this ever happened to you?

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Certainly the same disappointment that you have had has happened to me, when ethanol was in fashion as a fuel we were sold the idea that it was a form of clean energy, we know everything that happened afterwards, it turned out to be a fiasco.

If by means of electrolysis I have to generate a great energy expense to obtain hydrogen from water, then it is not so clean and sustainable, because the energy behind it is fossil fuels.

In the end that is why fossil fuel energy is the one that unfortunately continues to dominate the world, because the new energy alternatives are either very expensive or generate a lot of energy.

Greetings friend and thank you for your contribution.

Hello @carlos84, Exactly what you say is not known to many people, it is somewhat ironic to see the amount of fossil fuel that is consumed to generate "green energy", it is a vicious circle that would be broken after many years of research.

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I am of the opinion that green hydrogen will be one of the substitutes that will be used to replace fossil fuel in the nearest future. This will not only save the environment from pollution but may help curb global warming.
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Hello @samminator, yes, green hydrogen could substitute fossil fuel but with some limitations, I have to say.

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Greetings friend @tocho2. No doubt our planet demands a better option than fossil fuels, but among the green fuel options this is the least favorite for me, despite its potential it has a couple of important limitations, first that the main way to obtain it consumes non-clean energy and second is highly flammable, so transporting and storing it safely is a challenge. It certainly has the potential to move heavy machinery if its systems are adapted, I read that Airbus already had prototypes of hydrogen powered aircraft and that a company in France was already making cells designed to move ships.

Hello @emiliomoron, This that you have mentioned is certainly a great advantage, the fact that it is highly flammable makes it very dangerous.

And about the possibility of "moving" an Airbus, I already knew about this prototype, however I still do not see all the resolved edges, but it is still a good alternative for the future.

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Greetings @tocho2, I certainly believe that the petrochemical industry will not disappear so easily, although more and more advances in clean technologies are being developed to reduce the impact on the environment. I am one of those who think that both can coexist but always betting on renewable energies.

Excellent article.

Hello @carlir, I also believe that the current petrochemical industry and the future "green" fuel industry will have to coexist together in due course, the absolute substitution of fossil fuels will not be resolved in the short term and it will not be absolute either.

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This post must have cost you a world to make. Hats off to you. Congratulations!

From @hojaraskita to the world and back: Success!

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Greetings @tocho2. I share your position " I have "green and sustainable thinking", I widely support the development of renewable alternatives, non-polluting alternatives, healthy alternatives for the planet and humanity:" We know that these changes will bring a lot of controversy and opposition because it will counteract the big corporations; however it is very important that we are already talking about this and are important advances towards sustainable transformations of the environment.

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Solar and wind power can provide some of the energy for hydrolysis. You are correct is stating that at least a small investment of "non-green" originating energy might have to be used to manufacture solar panels or windmills. It will take a long time for our society to ween itself away from fossil fuel generated energy. Time will tell just how long of a period that will be.

Hello @shayn,
at least the no investigations continue and sometime we may have a definitive alternative.

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It would be useless to have an entire petrochemical and fossil fuel industry if we run out of planet. However, we have become so accustomed to them that they seem impossible to achieve... the earth will someday claim us, because even what we believe to be sustainable sometimes modifies ecosystems... greetings.

It is totally true @lynnmargullys:

the earth will someday claim us, because even what we believe to be sustainable sometimes modifies ecosystems

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hello dear friend @ tocho2 good day.
I love the idea of having a healthy fuel for the environment, however, I stop liking it when the creation process is with unhealthy energy, as caring for the environment does not seem like a great improvement.
Thank you very much for sharing this information dear friend
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Hello @jlufer, I believe that we must continue with the investigations until we arrive at a truly effective alternative.

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