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RE: Trends Affect The Restaurant Industry By 2022

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Hello @winy, in my city many restaurants had to close their doors when the pandemic developed, but at the same time some new restaurants with delivery service opened to fill the "option vacancies" in the market, this unbalanced things a bit because the better restaurants where before you could go with the family could no longer serve the public but some new delivery ventures were very well received at first but over time they stopped being requested. I think this is part of the imbalance between the supply and demand of food services in my city, where things work well for the restaurant that is fashionable but for a very short time, another thing that is happening is that the new businesses of Fast food delivery does not declare taxes, which in a certain way can be bad for the local economy, not to mention some difficulties in the supply of raw materials.

Great post friend.


Greetings @tocho2,

the new businesses of Fast food delivery does not declare taxes,

In business, transparency should be there, but nowadays not only restaurants there are many businesses that work without transparency

This leads to lack of trust-building in consumers and other dealers and is certainly not good for the local economy,

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting : )

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