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RE: How to exchange steem or hive into Bolivares

Dear @achim03 you have touched upon and addressed a very relevant topic.
Even though I am not in Venezuela but I can relate to the pain.
In my own experience Western Europe and Singapore seem to be the more friendlier places that let you do crypto -fiat transactions.
I know you post is more about steem and hive and targeted towards users from Venezuela but it surely points to the need to be able to exchange not just steem, Hive but other crypto's to FIAT and such a gateway with low fee is much needed in most parts of the world.

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Hi, Thanks a lot for your comment. I totally agree with you and it is definitely not easy to exchange crypto to fiat. I'm doing it using coinbase. I can deposit almost any type of coins and then withdraw them either to my bank account or to paypal. It is however necessary to verify your identity to do that. Another way of doing is over big exchanges like binance or bittrex which also require verification.

The big problem is that many such exchanges do not accept people from less developed countries like Venezuela. For them a platform like Orinoco is perfect.

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