Should we compare ourselves with others?

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I have been covering a lot of technical topics recently and wanted to try something new on today's blog, So I picked a topic related to Phycology ^^. This blog is mostly based on my pov (point of view) so some of you might have a different approach to thinking about this. Anyways Let's dive straight into the topic now!



Let's break down what happens when we compare ourselves to others,
✓ We either see the other person has a greater may be in coding, at the gym someone is more fit, someone seems to happier or has a stable life in comparison with yours. This gives rise to feelings such as jealousy, low self-confidence, A restive feeling most of the feelings are negative unless you have the right mindset where you notice the hard work and grind the other person does behind the scenes and talk to yourself " If they can do it, Y not me ", Agreed sometimes luck is a major factor in one's success but we gotta understand "hard work is the mother of all good luck", As long as you put the effort in the right direction you will see some progress which would lead to the creation of new opportunities!

✓Now if the other person you're comparing with someone who isn't much fortunate then this gives rise to feelings where I might temporarily feel happy, This happiness is a byproduct of someone else failure! Do we want our happiness to be dependent on some other human's failure? I guess not, So what do we do?

In my perspective comparison with others should be seen through such a (point of view) pov, where we see what all things people have made possible no matter what situation they were in, Famous actor "Robert Downey jr" ( Ironman: Avengers) was said to be a drug and alcohol addict from the age of 8 years old because his father was an addict as well. Despite all this, he was able to make a name for himself and now is one of the superheroes of this era, literally!
I am sure many of you know or have heard about the comedian ' Kevin Heart', his father was a drug addict as well But he pursued comedy as a career to cope with his troubled life, just constantly striving in that path he created so many opportunities for himself. People with such stories inspire us into believing anything is possible and only the right mindset is needed.

In my perspective when we compare with others it kind of limits our mindset, to thinking that we have reached the highest possible point for example till we first landed on the moon or climbed the mt. Everest everyone said that such a feat was impossible to achieve. But Neil Armstrong ( Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay the first to climb the Everest) proved the world 🌎 otherwise.

The biggest price we pay for comparing with others, we gain a limited mindset. Michael Jordon was cut out of his high school team but he just focused on being the best version of himself every single day and now the rest is history. This was possible because he grinds much harder than he had done on the previous day. His only source of comparison was himself from 24 hours back in time!

Conclusion and Solution :
I would like to conclude by saying that Do not compare yourself with others, Instead compare yourself with yourself ^^. This way we always strive for more without having a limited mindset.

Hope your learnt something new from this blog, Let me know your perspective/thoughts on this topic in the comments :^)


 2 years ago 

Dear @the-prithvi

It has been a while since I read one of your publications. As usual - solid read (upvote on the way).

I found this topic to be quite interesting. Especially since I've noticed that most people who often use social media platforms are also the ones who compare themselfs to others. A lot. And most of the time those comparisons are making them feel unhappy about their own lifes.

After all, instagram is nothing more than a DEMO version of our lifes. I even tell my own wife to look at her own instagram and tell me if what she sees is our REAL life?

We all should compare ourselfs to ... ourselfs. To see how did we change. Did we progress or not? Are we happier with ourselfs than we used to be? Or unhappier.
Those kind of comparison do seem to make more sense in my opinion. Wouldn't you agree?

ps. Enjoy your weekend buddy :)
Cheers, Piotr

Hii @crypto.piotr ,
I couldn't agree more ! One of the best ways to improve/ progress in every aspect of our life is to compare with ourselves . How we were yesterday ?
How are we changing things today based on what we did from yesterday ? When we ask these questions to ourselves and work on them We see real growth.
The point you mentioned about "Instagram" is very true , Most of the people post the best scenes/part of thier life and Insta was built in such a way that we compare our current self to thier best selves. While in reality, the person posting might not even be as happy as they seem to be in a photo. Comparing ourselves with others is kind of built in to us due to the world we live in , Hence we need to keep reminding ourselves that the real comparison is the one that we do with our own past.
Glad you found this blog intresting and thanx for sharing your thoughts on this topic :^)

 2 years ago 

I just read your comment.

Late THANK YOU for always being so responsive and engaging @the-prithvi

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