While enjoying this nice bull run sail, hope you are taking profit and investing in your life?

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Happy new week buddies, hope we all enjoying ourselves? Just take a look at #Bitcoin movement, mehn the boss is not slowing down at all. It is simply claiming dominance by asking the rest coins to catch me if you can. One thing I have loved about this great coin this moment is that it is not doing the move alone. Some coins are following fastly while some are crawling to catch up with it speed. Back in 2017 when this happens, I saw how coins were flying so high to follow the momentum. It was really amazing.

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The difference I have spotted this year is that we have lots of project in place so it seems fund has to go to bigger project before it can flush down to the smaller project. The old coins are struggling to catch up because they don't have something to push them. Take a look at the Defi trend, it has brought a lot of money into the system. This is what is really contributing massively to the boom we are seeing right now. Out of the numerous coins out there, if you want to see yours included, you have to make sure that your coin is doing well with one or two project running or they should slowly wait for the#Btc progress to move them up.

The good thing about 2020 is that it is rewarding those holders massively. I really love this. Although it pains me a lot because I am that type that love to hold coins for long. But ever since I have been holding, I have seen so many people dumping on me and makes the project shitty. This really changes my mentality as all I see is earn and dump. But that impression has been corrected right now, it is now time to keep holding again. Most of the airdrop I sold cheaply all did well, just imagine I still hold them. I could have been in money by now, really painful I must say. But despite that, we have to move on and keep focusing on the next coin, surely we will catch up someday. One thing I have always believed on is that once you failed to benefit from a project don't feel bad. You can't benefit from all. Just keep trying and the one that is meant to reward and change your life will surely shows up. Keep the spirit burning and don't get discouraged along the line.

While following the wave, try to make sure you take profit when needed and don't spend that money in things you just don't need. Invest it properly in life business that you will be running. At least that is your business, you will know when it is doing well or not and you won't be rug on. This is one simple fact about handling your own personal business. Nobody can sees the future only the past, and if they can see the future, they can't tell you what to really do that will truly change your life for good. This is why it is important to take your sense along this smooth btc sail ride. Don't get burnt alone the line.

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Another thing I am pretty happy about is that my wish is to see btc climbing more higher. If #btc does that and it later dips, we might not see it falling below $30-40k. This means those project who attain good amount through it positive movement will have a reasonable price when it dips. So it is advisable to buy those small coins with great potentials. Remember the popular sayings, this is not a financially advice, always learn to do your own research (DYOR).

The reason for the above statement is that when it comes to cryptocurrency it either it goes up, down or remain where it is. When somebody is talking you into buying a coin, you should have it on the back of your mind that it is either your investment goes up, down or remain stagnant. Don't blame anybody trying to refer you into one cryptocurrency project or the other, they are just trying to help your life. If the plans goes well and the coin makes good move, merry and tell them thank you. If it goes the other way round, don't see them as a bad person, you just have to keep trying. My cousin that just joined cryptocurrency made about $1200 yesterday from a coin he bought, that is really amazing. Luck really runs good on some person.


While everywhere is looking good, it is not a financial advice but it will be good for you to use the turn out to invest heavily into your life physically. This will go along way into impacting your life positively. Have a good day ahead and welcome to a new week. Stay positive.

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I believe that there will be a correction within a week or so, and I really am one of the people who prefers to save their coins, it seems the most prudent thing to do and what should be done .

And I make this comment because as I comment in another publication, several expert trading whales are advising that you wait until next Sunday to buy because there will be one important correction.

While everywhere is looking good, it is not a financial advice but it will be good for you to use the turn out to invest heavily into your life physically

I really like this point, when the market is green should give us the opportunity to make investment physically

The mistake that a regular person makes during a time like this is to just spend the high profits coming in and later regret it when the market is low, thanks a lot for this helpful timely reminder that will help us grow ourselves whenever there is a available opportunity

Back in 2017 when this happens, I saw how coins were flying so high to follow the momentum. It was really amazing.

Yes that was amazin time when steem when steem reached at 8$. Now bitcoin going up crazy. I think we should not sell whole fund, instead wait for some more nice moves.

You own the profit after you have withdrawn not when it is still subjected to change. I learnt this in Investing 101 where I taught myself how to invest from other people's mistakes.

Though I see the bull run still lasting for months but I will say presently now, any profit been made should be used to invest in ones financial life just as you said

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