Where to go after CoinMarketCap ??? Best Coinmarketcap alternatives??

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Yesterday I have published blog which is Coinmarketcap acquisition and its future??? if you haven’t read that then do read it will give brief about the acquisition and the future of CMC. In this blog we are finding the best possible replacement of CMC and it is specifically for website replacement for app I will make research and post will be out soon.

Let’s begin the search


To find the best possible replacement I have visited several websites which tracks the prices of crypto’s on website so I will be sharing what I experienced and how smooth the website is ,



If you are in love with the Interface of CMC but now you want to move on then CoinGecko is an better option for you because CoinGecko has similar look like Interface but it’s not completely same because they have added so many great features in the section which will give you lot more information about the coin like they have ATH section which give you an option to check all time high of coins in front page itself I live this option and hope you will like it.
Another reason I like this platform they have always and soft corner for us before hive it is for steem and now it is for hive they always support the community CoinGecko has an hive community on hive blockchain so don’t forget to check that out they always post there activities on the blockchain so as of this point I support this platform more than any other platform.



I personally use the app of BitScreener for checking the prices of crypto’s but here we are talking about web fronts then they have very uniquely designed interface on web also for every you want something new and want to move on then it will definitely give you an great experience they Have lots of things to offer better charting of coins different indicators to use and it’s all free they also have pains version which is great if you want to buy but I personally use the free version. For me it’s great.
Lots of things are added on front interface which makes easier to use and get upto date with everything.

there are lot more options at there to watch the prices of crypto’s but I didn’t use them before writing this post I visited some of them but didn’t understand the functionality of those websites so not sharing here these two are most used sites more me so have have shared with you. Choosing and website for crypto prices is not an rocket science they all are same offering same thing and I think these are the two best ones in website section so I shared with you.

Hope you like this blog.
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I like the fact that coingecko has always supported STEEM and HIVE, therefore if needed, I would go there. And you?

As I mentioned also in blog that I personally use app only and that is BitScreener

@coingecko is best. I never used Coinmarketcap :D

Ohh that’s great

Thanks for the shoutout!

If there is 1 thing we'd nitpick, it would be the naming of our brand. We prefer to capitalize the "C" and "G" so that makes CoinGecko.

As you said, we've been around on Steem (now an account on Hive too) for sometime, so we'll see you around the blockchain too!

On another note: We have a Mobile App version too! Feel free to check us out on the Google Play Store too and see if you like it?

Done with the changes. Soon I am reviewing apps for crypto and I will consider CoinGecko app in that review @coingecko

I hate biased judgement and i do not support the fact that because binance acquired coinmarketcap means it is now bad.

Have people thought about the fact that it could be a way to revive and keep the good work of coinmarketcap.

You do not have to tarnish the image of coinmarketcap to publish about coingecko. I use the both since coingecko has coins not yet listed on CMC but the truth is i love CMC and new acquisition doesn't mean the project was a failure. Let a de ja vou of steemit to repeat itself again with hive.

I stated clearly in last post that some people not everybody- pls read hole post then comment don’t comment only by reading titles

Anyway thanks for your time and comment

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