What is Cudos ?? Why am I so bullish about the project???

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We are living in the era where crypto’s are going mainstream with their core feature as decentralising the world, till so far we have decentralised money which is no doubt Bitcoin, after that we have Ethereum which is almost like decentralising the Internet. The only thing which I think lacks decentralisation although few projects are working on that but still not good enough to on-board masses are Cloud Computing which is backbone of the Internet and Cudos is Really making some big changes to the concept of how we think about Cloud. 

What is Cudos ??


After reading Introduction, you probably understand the basics about Cudos that it is actually working on something which can make Cloud decentralise. So, let’s first see what’s the aim of Cudos & how this project is trying to decentralise the Cloud.

What’s the aim of CUDOS ??

Whenever we think about cloud based services we think about AWS which is owned by Amazon, and it’s centralised whenever all things are controlled by a single authority, Cudos want to change it by giving everyone fair chances to participate in the ecosystem to build a decentralised Cloud computing platform. The basic idea was that there are millions & millions of PC’s and laptops where only a few percent of their computation powers are in use, so what if they are able to share that unused computation power with other people who need that, this thought can really decrease so much waste & energy created by big Cloud service companies & when anyone will share their unused Computation power they will be reward so that this ecosystem of Cloud Computation can sustain. 


This is the basic idea of Cudos which really makes me feel this is going to be big. 

Cloud & Decentralised something weird?? 

At first this is what I thought, but when I actually understood the vision and working model I believed, it’s already decentralised itself when there is a concept of people will share their computation power to power the ecosystem so they are the owner and that’s what decentralised System means in itself, but Blockchain makes it furthermore decentralised System where everything will be stored for forever, it will be transparent so no chance of Fraud or if there any they it will be easy to identify. 

Cudos layer (1 & 2) solutions 

If you think Cudos is stopped only with their aim to decentralise the cloud then you probably got it wrong, they are also working on a layer 2 solution for different blockchains. 

Cudos blockchain:- Layer 1 solutions 

Whether we have talked about till now about cudos where it is trying to decentralise the cloud computing is all comes in Layer 1 solutions. 

Including DeFi, Data analytic, scientific research and AI. At the moment of writing there is Cudos blockchain under Private Testnet hopefully mainnet will be launched in coming few months Read an article by Cointelegraph about Private Testnet launch

Layer-2 solutions by Cudos 

Cudos is also developing Layer-2 oracles for different blockchains like Ethereum & Algorands which will help developers to build on those chains with utilising the global computing data with there layer-2 oracle solutions which will definitely increase the usability of Cudos and its utilities. 

Are you bullish on Cudos Now ??

We are living in the era where crypto’s are going mainstream with their core feature as decentralising the world

There is a huge chance that after reading this post you are also bullish on Cudos because projects like this are going to change our perspective on how we think about Cloud Computing and they are not only limited to one thing there are so many things when you go deep into the project.

This post is not an investment advice So, do your own research before doing any investment in the project 

If you want to know more about CUDOS you can check out their website CUDOS & you can also follow them on CUDOS (@CUDOS_) | Twitter 

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