Top-5 crypto project to invest in

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we always want to know which are the best crypto project where we can invest to take profit so in this blog we are looking at top-5 crypto project to invest. I am going to give you an briefing about these projects what they are doing what the future hold for them & what are my thoughts on these projects.

But before we begin I would like to say this post is not an investment advice, this is an overview of these projects. It’s all up to you to take your investment decisions

Let’s began,

There are almost 6000+ crypto’s in the most of them finding solutions to those problems which never existed so finding an great project with real world use case is my strategy because sooner or later they will give you profit and getting if it comes to take profit from great project then bull run is the best way to get and looking at current circumstances it looks like bull run is here for crypto market so it’s better to fill your bags with great alts to get great profit.

Heading towards top-5 projects

1 Electroneum


I really don’t know how the hell this project is out of top-50 coins in terms of market cap but currently it’s out of top 100. This project is doing all that things which they are promised and also moving forward with there great ideas.
Until that they have launched there Electroneum phone which is really cheap to buy
Launched recharge options for almost 140+ countries including USA & my country India so it’s great to electroneum app for that,
Recently they have launched freelancers platform

So there are so many things in electroneum ecosystems but I barely find those news affected price of ETN it always but recently it started gaining and bull run always an great time to peak up to high price and I believe this is the time where electroneum can give great profit.

2 we power


This is another great project which is great to invest in they are working in the field of renewable energies and they are doing some great work in that field I found this project interesting if you want to know more about this project then kindly visit there website they are working in great way

I saw whenever there is an news about project then the price do great but at this time it’s low according to me and can give some great profit in bull market.

3 Nimiq


This project is really an underdog it can easily give 100x if it got perfect limelight in the crypto community but talking about the project then it’s really great I am thinking about reviewing this project because I have proper research about this project and invested in it,
They are working on online payment solutions so they have bought 9.99 % stake in weg bank to work with them
Ya read it right they bought banks stake really an amazing thing for me to invest in this until now there is only three crypto currency projects which has been bought stake in bank one of them is NIMIQ, there are so many things currently going on Nimiq blockchain if you want to find more about the project then visit there official website

4 TokenPay


This project is also an underdog with very low market cap but to me this project is really great and I am looking forward to invest in more, they are also working on payment solutions but they are more focused on securing them with there blockchain, they also invested in that same bank where Nimiq has with 9.99% stake , they have done great partnerships with projects like litecoin , verge and many with projects
They also have an decentralised exchange eFin so the ecosystem of this project is big and I think bull market is like an catalyst for this project this can also give massive profit.

5 Sirin labs


Last but not least this project is something really great to me because they are producing blockchain phone finney phone. This is really innovative for me they choose crypto world for raising money rather than traditional stock market is really an great thing so I believe in this project at beginning this project is very famous but nowadays the price is really low so thought it’s an opportunity to accumulate this token.

This is top-5 alt coins I found interesting to share with you all if you have some other great project with low cap then share with me.



Seems very interesting to invest crypto projects after over-viewed the top five as you mentioned. But I heard only about Electroneum and TokenPay. We always find to good project who want to find best profit. But sometimes we can failed. So market analyzing most important part before invest our money. I'm going to check other projects. Thanks for share useful info.

If you finds more great project then do share with us.

These are some intersting projects. In particular, I have been tracking Electroneum for years, since its inception, I love their passion and direction, yet feel they have made slow progress. Possibly now because the coin has such low value.

Yes you are right

I think I'm getting more interested in electroneum. I was able to mine some amount of electroneum close to 100 ETN then I actually stopped due to my busy schedule. I think I'll have to go back to start earning more ETN through mining since it really looks promising as you've stated.

Thanks for sharing this great post @sumit1998 and I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️💕❤️💕💕

Yes electroneum is really an great project. I haven’t stopped mining from the beginning

From your reading, the ones you seem to enjoy the most are Nimiq and TokenPay.

Yes & electroneum too these are my investment coins

Appreciate the investment advice.

I like both Algorand and Cardano, they seem to be good altcoins too.

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