Earning Algo’s is easy, Just learn about Algorand.

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Earning Algos is easy, just Alogrand blockchain, But you should be always careful as there are so many scams running about free giveaways of Alogrand. 

What I am telling you in this post is not a scam or something you don’t care about. This time you have a chance on Coinbase to earn some Algos just to learn about Alogrand blockchain. So feel free to participate in it. 

Now, if you are wondering how to participate in this learn & earn initiative then go through this post, you will get all information about this initiative started by coinbase in this post, if you have any doubts about this then you can go through the post. 

But, before we begin let’s know a little bit about Coinbase & its product Coinbase Earn. 


Coinbase is the world's most popular crypto currency exchange, safest exchange for trading and most importantly it’s also working in the US and one of the first legally authorised exchanges. There are not hundreds or thousands of crypto’s to trade, if the project is great, popular and doing something really great in the field have a chances of listing and not every crypto is that great to get a chance of Coinbase listing at this time of writing the post only approx 40 crypto are trading on coinbase there is one subsidiary also Coinbase pro which is open for everyone in the world and this exchange is door to Coinbase listing & Algorand is one of those few coins which are listed on Coinbase & Coinbase pro. 

Coinbase Earn 


Coinbase earn is a product of Coinbase which was launched in May 2019 with aim to distribute more than  100 million dollars worth of crypto's to their users.

The name itself suggests about coinbase earn it’s about earning and if it’s coming from coinbase it’s must be easy. So you are right, Coinbase Earn made earning crypto’s so simple that you have to learn about them and you can get some crypto’s in return. 

Coinbase Earn selects again from the listed crypto’s from Coinbase not every project is part of Earn series at this moment there are only 13 projects are available to learn and in return get some free crypto’s. 

Algorand is one of those projects which are available to learn in the Earn series of Coinbase earn, where you get a chance to learn about Algorand in a very simple way and after that you can Earn some algos as a reward. 

How to Apply on Coinbase Earn ??

The process is simple at users end (you simply have to create an account on coinbase if you haven’t have one till now, verify your identity as it’s one of registered exchanges in US), but on the other hand it’s really difficult for coinbase to identify bad actors because if they don’t do that it’s possible that bad actors will violate the system and try to cheat the system to earn more so for that there is whitelist to avoid that, after you join the whitelist you will here from coinbase as soon as they identify that 

you are not bad actor and after that you can simply follow these rules:- 

  1. watch simplified explanations about projects, 

  2. Learn about them, if you didn’t understand watch the video again and prepare yourself for next step, 

  3. At the end just go through with simple questions about the project you just learned, just to make sure that you learned about the project and you understand the project. 

Congratulations you got free crypto’s for learning a great project. It’s that simple to earn on Coinbase earn you just learn about a great project and they will give you free crypto’s of that project. 

Little bit about Algorand Blockchain. 

Algorand is a blockchain project which is Scalable, Secure, Distributed all with maintaining being an Decentralised blockchain it’s all possible because of its Pure Proof of Stake(PPoS) System which is UNIQUE in the blockchain industry. There are great chapters in the form videos which are really simple to understand, waiting for you on Coinbase earn about Algorand Blockchain where you can get some free Algos just to learn about it. So, why to waste time, go join the whitelist to get some free Algos your coinbase wallet just to learn about the project.


You will not get opportunities like this to learn about crypto’s while you can earn crypto’s for free, even if you are not interested you also get a chance to understand the project in very simple explanations in very short videos divided in a few chapters to make it easy to understand. So, from my point of view you should try this to learn about great projects while you can simply earn for that. It’s like they will teach you and they will pay you for that. It’s win-win for everyone. 


I will try this out. Though I have apply for the coinbase learn and earn for so many times but I have never been called by them before

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