Apple iPhone goes small in size again.

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There are rumours about this from long time and now it’s reality that Apple is bringing the small phone again.Small iPhones are the most loved once by the users of iPhone and that are proven by so many surveys and taking that in mind Apple is backing to smaller size again not only surveys but sells numbers also says the success rate of smaller iPhones are far more better than bigger once,

Before I began I would suggest you should see the new iPhone SE official video by Apple


From the launch of first iPhone Apple is moving forward to increase the size of iPhone and price also but the smaller version are also launched in between but after the launch of iPhone X in 2017 there is no smaller size iPhone expect XR which is not that small but yeah it’s little bit small and that has broken records of sells of bigger ones but Apple doesn’t stopped they continued with bigger version. Because they are in profit but the all profit is coming because the prices are so high but through the time sells are decreasing.

most loved iPhones

As I says that smaller version of iPhone are most loved ones because it’s handy and easy to use from one hand also but it’s difficult with bigger ones but the hole industry is going big so Apple also decided to go big and initial results are good due to good specifications but shows declines after time, small are most used and broken so many records in the sell
The middle size iPhone 6 is most popular in the range and this data proves this,


iPhone 6 is the most sold iPhone not 6+ which is launched at the same time because small is more adorable and handy to use and iPhone is understanding this as the marketplace is now full with so many options which are cheap also of iPhone is keep in luxury price then it would be disastrous for iPhone sells in future and Apple know that, that’s why they have come with this.

about the new SE


iPhone se is one of the popular iPhone of all time that’s why Apple choose this name for this new phone and the size of iPhone 6 which is same and specifications of iPhone 11 which is an great combination of features, all this comes with low price of 399 which is very low (according to Apple) and affordable by so many people who want to go for mid range phones.

cheapest product till now

Most of the people doesn’t consider 399* as an cheapest but Apple user knows very well that for Apple this is cheapest iPhone with Cool specifications with iPhone 6 size and the sexiest name SE this is cheapest for me as well, as I am iPhone users I am thinking to change by iPhone 6 with this but it will depends on my pocket because we are in pandemic and I think there should we Safe money for emergency. This pandemic thing can also be dangerous for the phone sells.

strong competition for others

With this low price and the high end A13 bionic cheap with the specifications of iPhone 11 and size of iPhone i think it is strong competition for other manufacturers like one+ , Samsung, google pixel and others manufacturers who is trying to sell at this price range. So from my point of view it will be an strong competition for others

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I have been reading about people saying there will be reduction in the size of gadgets but I never knew it will happen so soon.

Yes, it’s happening

Technology is travelling fast, very soon the size of the gadgets we hold will not be more than a pen.

Yes you are right

With holographic displays, we can have gadgets that are size of our fingernail.

To me, this phone is still big but it might be slim compared to the iPhone 4. This is more bigger although not slimmer.

Yeah it’s still big but I think they will come with more smaller version

4.7 inches is still quite good for adult male hand, but closer to 4 inches would be even better... The display has to be big enough that the screen is readable without keeping the phone too close to eyes... People don't like when they need to both zoom and scroll the text.

A lot of modern phones are too big to hold with just one hand. They are also very slippery and prone to fall from hand and break. Even with very strong glass, the corners are prone to cracks.

Biggest problem of iPhone since beginning has been the price difference to Android phones... It was always promoted as business phone and not for average John or Jane Doe, and such it was popular with people who had a lot of cash to spend, like celebrities.

GOT it right

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