Alogrand Advisor & Renowned Economist Paul Milgrom Wins Novel.

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Algorand is always recognised as the project with the most talented people in the team. Team leaders like Silvio Micali (founder) & Steve kokinos(CEO) are examples of this, Now Algorand became more powerful as Renowned Economist Paul Milgrom joined as an advisor. The team is full of great talents. Have a look at the official team of algorand you will be amazed when you find great talents in the team. 

This article is dedicated to our newest team member Paul Milgrom as an economic advisor, this post will amaze you about Paul Milgrom when you know about him in this post. 

Who is Paul Milgrom??


If you follow topics like Economics & current affairs, then there is zero per cent of chances that you don’t know about Paul Milgrom, but if you still didn’t know about him or you know him but not properly so let me introduce you to Paul Milgrom. 

Paul Milgrom is a famous American economist known for his work to improve Auction theory, he is a professor at Stanford University in Economic departments from 1987. He is honoured with so many awards and has written great books in economics. 

Achievements of Paul Milgrom 

The list of Achievements is long when it comes to Paul Milgrom, so many awards, author of so many books which makes him an interesting person to know about. 


If a person wins a single award then it makes people think that he is great in his field, but what if the same person won more than one award, what about 5 awards where each one is bigger than the previous one and the last award is the award everyone wants in their respective field. Here I am talking about Paul Milgrom in total he received 5 awards which are enough to make him one of the finest in his field one can call him legend. 

Here is the list of awards won by Paul Milgrom, 

  • 1986 is the first year when he reputable award which is Guggenheim Fellowship for Social Sciences, US & Canada

  • 2008 is the year of 2nd award which is Erwin Plein Nemmers Prize in Economics

  • 2012 is the year of 3rd award which is BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

  • 2014 is the year of 4th award which is Golden Goose Award 

  • 2020 is the year of biggest award in his life which is the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

These are the awards won by Paul Milgrom after winning his first award in 1986 it takes another 22 years to add a second award and only 12 more years after 2008 he won a total 5 awards including Nobel in 2020. 

Books by Paul Milgrom 

Writing a single book takes whole life which makes some sense but Paul Milgrom wrote 4 books till now there may be few more coming in future, so it would be better if we call it 4 books and counting. 

All books are in the field of Economics focused on Auctions & bidding 

Here is the list of books written by Paul Milgrom,

  • 1978 is the year when he published his first book which is The structure of infographic information in competitive bidding

  • 1992 is the year of another book which is Economics, Organization and Management

  • 1998 is the year of one of his finest creation which is Putting Auction Theory to Work

  • 2017 is the year of another book which has 4.8/5 rating on amazon which is Discovering Prices: Auction Design in Markets with Complex Constraints

He may publish a few more books in the coming future because Paul doesn’t like to stop at one or two. 


Algorand & Paul Milgrom 

Algorand Foundation is focused to solve the current financial problem and bring finance 3.0 which will revolutionise the world with micropayment open for everyone and to fulfil this dream Paul Milgrom joined Algorand as an economic advisor to help algorand achieve the dream of solving current financial world problems. 

On 22 of September Algorand officially announced that Paul Milgrom is joining the team as economic advisers 

After joining Alogrand as an advisor he shared his thoughts,

“I am honoured to be advising one of the most advanced and high performing blockchain platforms available today, It is thrilling to be a part of a visionary team that is delivering on what may lead to widespread blockchain adoption. I look forward to bringing my experience and knowledge to advance Algorand and the community it serves.


Algorand is a lucky charm for Paul Milgrom 

In September he joined Algorand as an advisor after that in October in less than one month the news came that Paul Milgrom won Nobel for his contribution in Auction theory, I am not telling that only because he joined Algorand he won Nobel, but I am referring joining Algorand as a lucky charm for him as this all happened in one month. 

This event is also great for Algorand as winning the Nobel by Paul Milgrom makes Algorand Blockchain unique in the industry which has a Nobel winner in the team. 


First time I will certainly be hearing about him but reading about him through this post, I definitely know he has impacted many life's with his books

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