Why there is huge buzz in India for Aarogya Setu app

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There is lots of buzz about Aarogya Setu app that even World Bank is saying this is an great step by Indian government that they launch this app.


If you still doesn’t believe then see this report that only in 13 days this is downloaded by 50 million Indian which is a world record by any app


So in this blog we are going to understand how this is possible and what this app is all about.

Let first know what this app is offering

what is Aarogya Setu???


Aarogya Setu is an app related to stop the spread of corona virus which is rapidly growing all over the world so to stop this government of India launched this app for the people of India so that they can use this app to take safety measures to stay safe from the corona virus. But there is an question that how this app goes viral that now every body is downloading this app and using it. What is tech behind this app all the things are covered so don’t worry and carry on to read the blog.

the tech ??

The working of this app is simple when you open this app it starts with a few questions like when What is your health condition right now, have you traveled outside in this lockdown after answering these simple questions the app open it starts working the functionality of this app is whenever you go outside it will show you the hotspots where corona cases are more so that you can change you path. If there is an corona positive patient nearby you then it will alerts you to take necessary action. This app requires the permission of location and Bluetooth to stay you updated whenever there is something related to corona happens nearby you. Hope you know understand the tech behind this app.
Now how this app goes viral???

PM requested to download this app


In the recent speech of Indian prime minister requests to download this app he requested to Indian people to spread this app to more people. Indian people are so connected to the pm that whenever he requested to do such a thing people definitely do that and when our PM says this then every Indian started downloading the app. When more people download this app the more we can safe from corona so I am downloaded this app and my family as well
If you are an Indian or In India reading this blog then do download this app and help India to fight corona virus.

world is working on this ??

At this time hole world is suffering from this and they are also developing apps like Aarogya Setu for there people and the tech giants Apple & Google is also working on this app and soon they will launch this app this is for the first time that they are sharing there technology to make this possible and that’s really good that they are not fighting at this time.


Hope they will succeed soon and launch this app which is available worldwide.

Most of the images are taken from the YouTube video this is the link to that video:- link


It is a good concept, I also heard that singapore has it's own application too and that is really going to help citizens.

 4 years ago 

I do not find relevant the comparison between the levels of adoption of television and radio with the levels of adoption of this application.

We are talking about an imminent risk of losing your life!
Television is a means of communication and entertainment.

There are many applications that have been developed in the midst of the pandemic. I think there is a developer rally.

So in the midst of so much pressure and competition, the real performance and value of these Apps must be evaluated with a broad approach. There is a lot of publicity involved behind all of this.

That’s right but everyone has there own perspective and we can’t change that.
Thanks for you reply.

 4 years ago 

My pleasure

It s a great initiative as long it is used to serve it's purpose.

As is an government initiative I didn’t think gonna we used for bad things

I feel it is going to help citizens and the developers will be making some cool money for themselves also.

Yes you are right

 4 years ago 

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