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#Nutbox: A new Steem blockchain application developer incubator fund and a new DeFi Project on JustSwap called PNUT-TRX.

New Project on Steem: Nutbox!



Today I received information about a new project on Steemit called Nutbox.

This project appears to be multifaceted, involving the creation of a dAPP incubator fund on Steemit to encourage dAPP development, along with a DeFi project on Justwap, called PNUT-TRW, delegations of Steempower to Nutbox.mine get rewards in PNUT and favorable curation from both @nutbox.mine and @wherein

New Projects to support Development are good for the community.

The project sounds very good, as we are always welcoming dAPPS which increase utility on Steem blockchain and increase awareness of the Steem blockchain and potentially raise our token price. It’s also great to earn new tokens in the process. I have made a delegation of Steempower to @nutbox.mine.

New DEFi investment opportunity

It's always good news to hear of new investment opportunities on Tron blockchain, and the application JustSwap has an easy to use interface. I have gone to JustSwap and purchased PNUT, along with purchasing TRX. Then I added dollar equivalent amounts of both TRX AND PNUT to the Liquidity Pool to further support this project These Tokens are inexpensive for now, so it doesn't cost you a fortune to support this project. If we all spend just a small amount of our earnings from curation or author rewards in projects like these they succeed. I think it’s very important that we support people who create contests, and create applications, or do daily manual curation. These activities are very important in an ecosystem dominated by content curators. The applications can help make your content look better, the contests and daily curators increase your income. This is a cooperative ecosystem, where helping each other benefits all of us economically. All these things are part of building and helping to sustain a community.

Last Words

Remember this ecosystem was designed to reward the community members for doing good things, so do good things and get if you do the right good things you should get paid.

But remember you have to build relationships and networks over time and then yo will see the financial rewards. It usually means that initially you will gain friends and acquaintances, and start building relationships, which is what social media is all about. So enjoy the human interactions, build your relationships and be patient about the economic benefits. They take time...


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I just got to know about Nutbox about 2 days ago and I have to give this a try.

Hi @gbenga
I am glad you heard of this before and I hope you learned more from this post.


Thank you @eii for the !shop

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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Thank you for commenting.

You win!!!! 你赢了!我这新手村猜拳小能手的名号让给你了! 给你1枚SHOP币!

Hi @wiseagent
I am glad you found it interesting. I will report on my investment soon.

Hello @shortsegments
Good information, recently I could notice this new project.
I already checked it out, luckily I've worked at JustSwapp before, so it's familiar. It's really easy to use.
Good message, you are very right to support each other. What really makes something flow and grow is the support between everyone.

Hi @josevas217
I agree that familiarity with JustSwap makes supporting this project easy. I will report on my investment their in a few days.

Thank you very much for your support. It would be better if you can get in touch with us, Discord:

Muy interesante.
Revisaré a fondo en cuanto tenga tiempo

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