Bitcoins four uses and a case for buying Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has four use cases


Number One: Global settlement network

If Bitcoin could become a global settlement system for banks and businesses. The reason is sending small sums of money via bitcoin is expensive.

Example: If you send $100 and pay $10 to minors that’s expensive. But if you send $1 million and pay $1000 to Bitcoin miners this transaction goes through fast and is cheap compared to bank transfers.

Note: Miners see the fee attached to your transfer and they want to approve this first transfer, possible in 10 minutes and that’s 100 times faster than current bank transfers.

Potential Size of the market.
Example based on 850 global banks won $4.3 trillion in deposits and more importantly, 13.2 quadrillion in yearly transactions. If Bitcoin captures 5% of this volume bitcoin price could rise based on this transaction alone.

Number Two Bitcoin as a protection against seizure of assets.

All rich people, honest or dishonest, all over the globe, live in fear of their governments seizing their assets. If 5% of all rich people globally invest their assets in bitcoin the market could rise from 200,000,000,000 to 2.5 trillion market cap. This would undoubtedly raise the price.

Number Three digital gold bitcoin

Bitcoin is easily the visible and easily transportable, along with being both scarce and durable.

Number Four a catalyst for currency demonetization in emerging markets.

During periods of rapid inflation there is a loss of confidence in cash, stocks and bonds. Which causes investors to flee to precious metals, mainly gold and silver. But now they can flee to bitcoin

What do you think?

Do you agree that these for use cases make Bitcoin a good investment?

What other good reasons are there to invest in Bitcoin?







Bitcoin to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

One other reason i see is security and decentralized usage of Bitcoin can be assessed by any user with knee interest of holding the asset.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello @shortsegments, recently I have thought that having a part of our savings in some token can be a solution in a moment.

Logically, the business of exchange houses is in the commissions for each transaction we make, but as you have described, the great advantage is that any transaction with crypto assets in an exchange house will always be faster and in some cases "less problematic "than to do it with our own money in a bank.

It's kind of weird, right?

Yes. It is weird that it’s easier to transact with Bitcoin by design.