Is there any relationship between addiction and greed?


Greed and addiction seem to be two behaviors that in us human beings are closely linked, that is to say that they are closely related to each other, in turn addiction and greed can also have a psychological effect on people who have both elements, so it is important to analyze what are the psychological effects that these bring with them.

The topic of greed in human beings may seem a taboo subject, since in particular any of us could think that as a thinking species human beings have always been greedy, always thinking about it from a perspective in which the fact that we are naturally greedy takes special prominence, that is to say that it is something that evolutionarily has always been in us.

If by any chance we have any doubt that we are greedy by nature, we just need to take a look at our surroundings to realize that the more money people have the more money they want to have, not only money is something that is coveted too much, they also yearn to have more and more power and prestige, they are two elements that are also linked, since they do not have a monetary value but a power of influence that is desired by many.


One of the things in which we could relate greed with addiction is in the fact that when a person is in depression many times they want to extinguish that emptiness by obtaining material elements and monetary riches, if the possession of these riches do not manage to fill that emptiness, then they will try by all means to fall into drugs or some other addiction that makes them forget about the real world, then they will try by all means to fall into drugs or some other addiction that makes them forget about the real world, in the end everything ends up becoming a cycle, because once the effect of the drugs wears off they do not feel comfortable with what they see and what they feel, which is why they return and relapse until it becomes a chronic addiction.

Another merely important similarity is the fact that both drugs and greed are addictive, a person who lives being greedy is a person who can acquire the continuous vice of craving for more and more even though he already has so much.


He concluded by saying that greed ends up being in our lives the necessary element for us to fall into addiction, and in many cases if we are not greedy, in the same way we can end up being greedy product of addiction, this happens when we need more and more money to supply our addiction.

All this scenario of comparison makes us conclude that greed and addiction are reciprocal, since we can start from the same point until we reach the other extreme, we can start being greedy until we end up being addicted, we can also start being addicted and end up being greedy, the best thing for us would be not to start at either end to avoid ending up in the other.



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Greetings teacher @sandracarrascal

Good point "If by any chance we have any doubt that we are greedy by nature, we just have to take a look at our environment to realize that the more money people have, the more money they want to have", it is certainly a way to understand from the experiences of our environment, at what level we can become greedy, and how much we want to move away from this behavior that only brings problems to our lives.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings friend @lupafilotaxia. I agree with you to know how greedy we can get to do we just have to look at our environment the more you have the more you want to have if not necessary, it is a vice that becomes our day to day. thanks for your support.

Greetings @sandracarrascal, interesting conclusion that you raise us "greed and addiction are reciprocal, as we can start from the same point to reach the other end, we can start to be greedy to end up being addicted, we can also start to be addicted and end up. being greedy" I confess I did not see these concepts as related and even work it in a parceled or independent way and thanks to your analysis I can have a different view on both concepts. Thanks for your contribution

Greetings friend @madridbg. The issue raised of greed and addition are very reciprocal issues that we start being greedy to end up being addicted to our same greed, these are issues that often obviate and we are living ourselves unwittingly, we handle day after day, thanks for your great support partner.

No doubt that one behavior can lead to the other, the problem also lies in that to get what you want sometimes you do not measure the damage that can be caused to others is why society today has lost its fundamental values. Thanks for sharing!

Greetings friend @yusvelasquez. I agree with you, the behavior can lead us to harm other people and ourselves without realizing it and often consciously without taking into account our values and principles that we bring from base, we leave everything aside to achieve a purpose without measuring consequences, thanks for your support.

hello @sandracarrascal,
I like this topic, I think they are related because for a few years I worked in a casino and it was there where I understood that gambling machines make people believe that they can win easy money, this greed led people to be addicted to the possibility of winning, I remember the eyes of the people who played roulette and they were full of greed to the point that they seemed addicted to drugs.

Greetings friend @trabajosdelsiglo. Exactly that is a big mistake that many times people fall,to be playing and winning are creating a vice and we become that one ambition to want to have more,is the same issue of drug addicts if they do not have it are wrong thanks for your support.

An interesting topic, my friend. Undoubtedly a characteristic that most identifies a greedy person is self-interest, a selfishness that can never be satisfied, it becomes addictive to have more than others, to excel more than others, to the point that many people if they are not able to fill that need replace it with another addiction.

Greetings friend @emiliomoron. These are very important issues in our lives, that can identify when a person is acting out of greed or self-interest, although they are relative by all without wanting we are all greedy but some causing damage and others pursuing an objective or goal for a better future. thanks for your support.

Hello friend @sandracarrascal.

Very good your publication, like you I think that both greed and addiction are closely linked, therefore, we must always control such behaviors so that they are not those aspects that control us.

Thank you for sharing such extraordinary content with all of us, many successes. Best regards.

Greetings friend @rbalzan79. Exactly both greed and ambition are closely related one goes hand in hand with the other, and we have to know how to manage our behaviors so we don't get involved. thanks for your support.

Greetings @ sandracarrascal . Undoubtedly greed is part of us no matter how little it is, sometimes we want to have some things in better conditions however minimal they may be, understanding of the same is the vehement desire to possess many things, especially wealth or property and the relationship to addiction is closely linked to dangerous behaviors. The important thing is that greed does not become an addiction.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication

Greetings friend @dgalan. Exactly the greed for minimum that this is an essential part in our lives, but it is good to know how to handle not everything in life is to have and more to have, the valeres, ethics are worth more than getting rich without measuring consequences and that many people do not see it that way, many times the greed becomes us an ambition ambition.
Thank you for your support.

Greed is a very terrible thing for anyone to posses, the act of being greedy makes people turn into beasts just because they want to keep having more.

Greetings friend @elity-sitio. Greed as minimal as it may be is an essential part of our lives, but it is also the downfall of a person if you do not know how to control it is like falling into drugs becomes a vice in which we can not leave no matter how much we want to do it becomes impossible, we want to have more and more no matter who we have to take us ahead.
Thank you for your support.

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