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It does not matter what anyone thinks, no one can make it in life with absolutely zero input from others. Yes, people may have been taught to be independent or to assume responsibilities, but it does not make you an island. It is important to note that friendship is very important to the success of anyone and one should make and keep the right friends. You will be surprised that the friendship you made yesterday may be what will be regarded as "connection" today, so make the right friends with the right people. Always remember that your life and even your future may be dependent on the kind of friendship you make today, so be wise about that.


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A friend of mine told me a story of how he was travelling on a lonely road in the night and suddenly, one of his tyres got flat. He had forgotten to put the jack in the car after he used it some days before that incidence, so there was no way he could change the flat tyre with the spare one because he did not have any jack to lift the car. To add to his worries, that spot was remarkable for bad activities especially at night. So he was afraid of what his fate will be. Just when he was still in his worries, he sighted a car coming from afar from the headlights and he decided to wave the car down.

At that point, he had to make a choice to remain in the spot and may be a victim of bad actors or wave the car for assistance even though he did not know who was in the car. It was a case of having two terrible choices to make, so he decided to go for the lesser evil. However, when he waved down the car, the car flashed the light at him, passed a bit, then stopped at a distance and then started reversing. When the driver came closer and alighted from the car, he was surprised to see that it was his childhood friend who left the neighbourhood after their secondary education to pursue a career in another state and they lost contact.

It was so exciting to see him again after so many years. He helped him fix his flat tyre and it was also a glorious reunion. They also remembered the memories of how they normally eat out at their houses while growing up. You see, if they had not been good to each other, or if the driver with a flat tyre had been cruel to the guy while growing up, in this moment of need, he would have driven pass the guy. But because of his good acts to him, he had to risk his life to help his friend in need - this is what true friendship means.

Now one may ask who a true friend is. It is worthy to note that friendship is not professed by the lips but shown by actions. If you are the only one benefiting from the friendship while the other party is the only person that brings something to the table, then it is not a true friendship but parasitism. A true friendship should be mutual and everyone should seek for what to add to the friendship. It may not even require much, but in your own capacity and with what you have, you can influence the life of your friend positively. A true friend should be a positive influence in your life, not someone that will leave you worse than they met you.

It is worth noting that friendship is not by mandate, neither is it by force nor by compulsion, but it is purely a matter of choice. So if a friend is not adding positively to you, then you should take a leave. Even though you should make friends but more importantly, you should make the right friends - the friends that will understand even your silence, the friends that will look beyond your smiley face and see what is bothering you, friends that will stand with you even when the whole world may have taken a bow, friends that will tell you the truth instead of trying to impress or comfort you with lies, friends who will have your back when you need them the most.


Image from Pixabay

One thing to also know is that for you to get a true friend, you must, as a matter of necessity, make yourself a true friend. This is because you can only attract the kind of person that you are. You should not always seek for what you will benefit from your friends, also seek for what they will benefit from you. To make good friends, you should not only be friendly but you must become a good friend too: You must meet your friendship requirements first.

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Peace on y'all


Although there are not many friends, the few that we have, if they are genuine, we must keep them.

Greetings and thank you for your valuable contribution.

Well said. It is not the number of friends but the quality of the friendship that matters.

Thanks for the nice comment friend

In as much as some friends are bad, we can't dispute the fact that friends are important and we need to keep friends but also we must be careful the type of friends we keep

That's right. This is why we need to keep the right friends.

Thanks buddy

I am always very particular about valid friendships, even if there is going to be a problem, it wouldn't be from me. The friends we make and keep can impact our lives sooner or later.

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