Finance is a Tool - What does that mean for Society?

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We have explored Finantial Markets in an earlier post. Now, we'll cover it again, but this time analyzing how it impacts us all, even if we aren't, apparently, connected or dependent on the Markets.

It's a Tool


Finance can be used by anyone.

It's a technical means to an end, its participants don't have to adhere to any specific belief or values, other than the hope that they'll make money, a good impact on the world, or both!

A business tool

In the same way IT is imperative for the success of ANY modern project that aims to change something (even if that something is the entrepreneur's income), Finance is essential for any modern business.

A personal tool

Beyond that, normal people also have access to this powerful mechanism that can help them achieve their life goals!
And recently more and more thought has gone into everyone's Personal Finances, which can be seen by the rise of 'the small investor' and structures that empower creators, such as NFTs and networks like STEEM and HIVE.

A tool for countries

Finally, developing countries need knowledge about Financial Markets in order to attract investment and expand their economies.
Most of the time, this knowledge is more important than a one-time loan or Foreign Aid package!



Due to its importance, a lot of people argue that it's important to regulate Financial Markets, even if it means a decrease in its short-term efficiency, in the hopes that increased transparency and decreased manipulation will make it better in the long term.


Financial Markets are essential to our modern civilization, and everyone should learn how they work and, more importantly, how to use and benefit from them!

That post I mentioned: A tale of Borrowers and Lenders

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