🔥 Yield farming on Uniswap. My first results.

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I have been testing Yield farming for some days on Uniswap and the results are quite good.
I've decided to make a post and share with you some numbers and my experience.

Let's start:

I am providing 2,000$ of liquidity on the AMPL-ETH Liquidity pool and 2,000$ at the ETH-DAI Liquidity pool. There are the results:


AMPL Liquidity Pool

I have been on the AMPL pool for 14 days and I have now 40$ in rewards.
This is a 2% in 14 days that will be a 4% monthly ROI.
This annually is a crazy 48% ROI. Wow!

However I don't recommend you to provide liquidity to this pool. AMPL is an interesting token but with a complex tokenomics that won't feel comfortable for an average person.
This is a really risky pool, but I will be there probably for 76 more days as they implemented a multiplier of the rewards. The more you stay there, the more your rewards get multiplied.


DAI Liquidity Pool

On the DAI-ETH Pool I entered 7 days ago and I earned 24$ on UNI.
This is approximately a 5% monthly ROI.
Annually is a crazy 50% ROI.

That's absolutely my favorite Pool for the moment.
I like HODLING Ethereum and a stablecoin, because it is less sensible when you are in weak markets conditions.
In my opinion there could be more profitable pools but this is a good one.
When there is a Bull market you would like to have your tokens in more risky projects and get high rewards, but for now it works for me. I want to have more UNI tokens too!

wLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool

I am seriously considering to provide liquidity to the pool but I have just few LEO tokens and it is hard to make profitable moves with this high Ethereum fees.
By the way I hold a large bunch of miners that are creating LEO everyday and I am happy about it.

Enjoy! 😊

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Hello @resiliencia
It is truly profitable, although like everything that has to do with investments in cryptomoney, somewhat risky, but I particularly enjoy it he he
Of course, you have to have a good investment to see a good return.
2000 dollars is not something that is within everyone's reach.
So, it means that those big capitals are filling up their pockets very well... great.
Congratulations for that.
As far as mining Leo, which Leo?

Leo is the token from leofinance.io.
Actually a Hive-engine token and now they have a "wrapped" version called wLEO as a ERC20 token on the Ethereum network.
It basically means that we have a token like Steem or Hive that can be traded in the Ethereum network also.
This is huge and can bring a lot of new users. I recommend you to take look!


Yes, I know the token, I wanted to check if it was the one you were referring to.
I have a few hundred.
I've seen the price of that token go up. Great, that community is actually very good, but I didn't know that the token would be wrapped, and that they would turn it into ERC20.
I also didn't know that there was a mining group, where I get information regarding this group?

Thank you very much for the information @resiliencia
Really, thank you.

There are 4 ways to earn LEO:

  1. Posting content on beta.leofinance.io
  2. Upvoting content and receiving curation rewards
  3. Buying Leo miners on hive-engine.com (LEOM or LEOMM)
  4. wrapping your LEO for wLEO and send it to the liquidity pool of Uniswap.

I think that you are referring to the last 2. You can find more information here: https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@khaleelkazi/eusgjbjd

Let me know if you need anything else!

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