🔥 Who the FUCK is buying Bitcoin?

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I am starting to get nervous, Bitcoin price is rising like a rocket. Right now we are at the 16,000$ level, and it seems that this is not going to stop.

All of the other altcoins are suffering, all the money is flowing to Bitcoin and I was wondering...

Who is buying Bitcoin?

My feelings say that more business are slowly and secretly buying huge amounts of the digital gold.


I decided to look at Grayscale purchases, which are public. Grayscale is a global leader in digital currency asset management.

Here the results (AUM means Assets Under Management):

12th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $9.4 billion
10th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $9.1 billion
9th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $9.1 billion
6th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $9.4 billion
5th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $8.6 billion
4th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $7.9 billion
3th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $7.7 billion
2th of November ➡️ Total AUM: $7.7 billion
30th of October ➡️ Total AUM: $7.6 billion

And the trend continues...

People is not going to stop anytime soon. This is going to be the wildest journey ever. I just want more time to accumulate, and I want to see more dumps!

Take care! 😊


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 2 months ago 

Dear @resiliencia

Why are you starting to get nervous. Isn't what most people expected and anticipated?

I still share belief that Bitcoin will not reach ATH (all time high) this year, however it seem to be obvious to me that within past 2 years most so called "weak hands" sold out their remaining of BTC. And majority of those who are in crypto have enough knowledge to understand, that FIAT currencies are no longer safe and stable. Not with amount of FIAT currency printed by all central banks this year (caused by C19 and economic slow down).

Perhaps there isn't much demand yet for BTC, however there isn't also much selling pressure those days.

ps. do you use Discord? I would love to continue supporting your content within PH community and it would help greatly if we could "connect".
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Yours, Piotr

Dear @crypto.piotr.
I would love to see Bitcoin ATH in 2021 instead of this year. I want to accumulate more crypto before the next bull run!
Yes, I am already in the PH community discord server, you can find me there! 😉

Thanks for the support, it is really appreciated!

No idea, but I'm not moving those figures he he
But, no doubt it seems to be a great bullish race, however, anything can happen.
I am hopeful that the value can continue to rise, although the altcoin are really suffering a lot in this matter.

Alcoins at some point will start rising exponentially again!

I've got a bunch of stable coins stashed for this very moment when I can exchange it for some alts on low low prices

Alts are at interesting prices right now.

Good article, one of the things that personally worries me is that they will create another bubble if the price of the BTC is not slow and steady is to worry because they are inflating the value.