🔥The first BEARISH article that I like!

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When I read Crypto related articles is it hard to find anything that doesn't shill Bitcoin and the next Bull run. The internet is full of MOONboy-articles. When I stop in front of a Bearish article it is usually full of shit, a lot of nonsense that just wants spread FUD over the space.

But this time I found an GOOD BEARISH article, with a lot of information that is not biased, well written and with some charts. I love to look at charts! 😊

The article is written by CryptoWhale and it is published in Medium. You can read the full article here, and I recommend you to do so.


To summarize he explains why the Bitcoin price will correct hard:

  • A lot of Tether has been minted and pushed the Bitcoin price UP.
  • In 2020 we’ve witnessed with largest increase in Quantitative Easing in history.
  • Just last year, we had a bull rally that was almost identical to the rally we’re seeing this year.
  • We’re seeing Extreme FOMO right now, and Greed is always followed by fear.

Some of the information written on the article is really interesting, and I think it is worth considering. I like to read articles in both BULL/BEARISH sides of the market.
I will personally stick to my plan, keep investing regularly and Dollar Cost Averaging.

Enjoy! 😊

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