🔥 Crypto analyst says that it's the most important BTC breakout!

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One of my favorite twitter crypto analysts @crypto_birb posted a BTC chart that I found really interesting, History has been repeating itself almost identically since the last bull run. If we look at what happened to the price the last time we broke a resistance of this type, we can see that the rise in price becomes exponential.

Here the chart:


Do I think this time will happen the same?


Do I think we will see Bitcoin below 10,000$?


I think there will be another opportunity to buy Bitcoin below 10,000 $, but this time I am not going to wait for the DIP. I have been buying and I am expecting to buy more in the following weeks.

The altseason will begin as soon as Bitcoin breaks the ATH, and this time will be more wild than ever. We have been waiting for 3 long years to see this Bitcoin prices and momentum again.

The wait has been very long, however I want to accumulate more. In my mind there is a voice that says "You dont have enough" every time I see the Bitcoin price I want to ensure that I am 100% comfortable with my HODLings before everything blows up.

Take care! 😊

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Hello @resiliencia, I tell myself when I see this, why don't I buy when it's 3500 at the beginning of the year?
But little by little something is adding up. Let's hope we can see a big explosion.

I believe we have begin to see the needed sign to convince us that we are near bull run