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Greetings dear friends of PH if you have read some of my last post here in PH you will remember that I was looking for a third source of income, remember that my first source of income is this platform, the second would be axie infinity so I decide to look for a third source of income, I think I found it in the cryptoblades blockchain game, only it is more complicated than it seems.


First say that these blockchain games consume a lot of time outside of what the game is, because you must always enter the discords to answer questions and update yourself on everything that happens, unfortunately for me last week I lost more than a hundred dollars in earnings with axie infinity for not entering the discord, it is logical to enter when the server is down or something like that, but when everything goes well, I do not usually enter the discord, which is an error that cost me money, because they had deactivated the rewards precisely for the world where I farm, however at first glance it was counted, I really did not find out in time and that cost me money.

Well let's talk about cryptoblades, the game is based on NFT you can have 4 characters that are medieval knights, who will have a battle against the NPC this battle is very fast and it only takes as long as it lasts to load the BSC network because the battle is mathematical and if you win you receive rewards immediately in a cryptocurrency called skill, you have to understand that the characters need a weapon that is also NFT all weapons are swords and there are several levels, about the game it must be said that it does not have a great design but you play for money in each battle, which makes each day more and more players enter, while your weapon is stronger you have a better chance of winning and as you level up you earn a little more money.

Now let's talk a little about my experience in this game, I really think that I made a string of bad decisions in the game so I feel that I have not taken advantage of it, but the game has a lot of potential, my friends have obtained an excellent return, when I started only buying 2 characters which was a mistake because the characters are the most important thing in the game, it really is not worth it monetarily speaking to spend money on weapons, that was my mistake and that's why it took so long to take advantage of the game, while my friends They created multiple accounts, I made my second mistake by staking my game winnings instead of creating more accounts and more characters.


Regarding profitability, now the Oracle system is being put in place that adjusts the earnings of each battle and before I did 1 skill per day and now I only do 0.2 which is sad but, the idea of ​​the game is to have several accounts and thus be able to see one Optimal profit, although with an account you generate money which is the important thing.

I remember entering with 300 dollars and taking out 500 dollars and then investing as dollars so it has been profitable and all this in a few days, I am very focused on creating a strategy that allows me to grow in the game to take advantage of its potential, I know it has it , but I have not taken full advantage of it, I hope to start making good decisions and that Cryptoblades becomes my third source of income, that is something that we will only know in time.

Thank you for reading

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I remember when you once recommended Axie and for lack of economic power I could not enter at that time, well I regret it very much, this time I will try to see how I enter this game.

Any questions about this game I am at your service, cryptoblades has been a highly speculative game when I between a character cost 100 dollars today they are much cheaper, the question with this game is to play, generate skill and wait for the best moment to sell, is what I'm doing today you could enter with 4 characters for 100 dollars

Hello friend, it is always good to read your publications to know how it goes this of the games, the truth I have not sought in them a source of income precisely because I see that they consume a lot of time, I may investigate a little more of this to see if I give it the opportunity. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I feel that I have neglected steemit a lot, especially the academy for these games, but I already hope to make an agenda of time that I plan to fulfill to meet all my objectives

Such a nice post about crypto blades and axie. Nowadays i am hearing lot about axie so want to try it once right now i am splinterlands player. And somene said me that do not create more than one account on cryptoblades otherwise they will block your ip. Thanks for this post because my doubt cleared.

cryptoblades allows multi-accounts of course they are scholarships for my relatives a single cryptoblades account does not make much sense, do not believe everything they tell you and find out for yourself friend

Currently I am not playing any crypto game as I don't have time but I will definitely check out this game as it is looking very intresting to me and try to invest my time in this beautiful game.

there are many youtubers who explain the current situation of the game and the best way to do things, good luck

Hello @ramsesuchiha,This is the new boom in video games, cryptogames are really cool, but at some point there will be too many games, as in the normal video game market and they will have to put a currency for video games Example BIGGAMER BIGG

Crypto blades is a shout out especially now that axie infinity cards are very expensive

Greetings friend @ramsesuchiha, certainly that the games under NFT are giving much to talk about, I had heard of this game but did not know that generated good profits I will inquire more about it, thanks for sharing.

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