Few words about @ph-support on Steemit: future growth and who will be receiving support (upvotes) from it

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Many of you, dear Project.hope members are aware that I'm encouraging all our authors to set up 50% beneficiary to @ph-fund on their publications. I'm aiming to provide much stronger upvotes on those posts to ensure that those who decide to follow up with 50/50 reward split will profit more and enjoy higher payouts.

Currently, I've been using a large part of received funds to rent out (via dlease) delegations on HIVE and so far ph-support is already reaching 630k Hive Power and we're still growing.

It's a very different story when we look at PH on Steemit ....



Overall, our voting power on HIVE is increasing steadily and my only concern has been: HOW TO ENSURE THE SURVIVAL of project.hope on Steemit.

After all, if we would lose support of one of our whales (like TheRising or Xpilar) then our voting power would be greatly affected and it could cause an even more difficult time for our team to manually curate publications posted within PH.


Initial solution would be easy: encourage more delegators.
Unfortunately, it's not as easy as one would think. Most of the time, we would need to be able to offer better terms and conditions than other projects do. After all - delegators are usually interested in receiving dividents more than anything else.


Building a strong curation trail and attracting more followers. This solution was one of my main focus . We're currently managing the biggest trail on SteemDB, however this tool is down almost as often as it is working. Blah :/


Trying to use dlease.io to rent Steem Power.
This also turned out to be a failure, since there are literally no traffic on Steemit version of dlease. It's another kind of ... dead end.



I recently started promoting a similar solution of setting up 50% beneficiary on our publications also on Steemit. My goal is to use part of this "extra income" to create a special budget. A budget which would allow me to approach large stakeholders and offer them much better terms and conditions (dividents received in exchange for their delegations) than I could ever do before.

Right now I can offer way more than received 100% of curation rewards. And this gives me some extra tools to negotiate with those so called "whales" and "orcas".


Quite AMAZING so far.
Recently, I've managed to attract 40k SP delegation from @cryptoeater (39k SP) and just the other day I made another deal:

jacobyu delegate 50,003.738 SP to ph-support

Amazing? Isn't it?



It's obvious that the major weight of covering those costs of upcoming delegations to ph-support will be on the shoulders of all those who decided to set up a 50/50 reward split (50% of beneficiary to ph-fund).
For that reason, @ph-support on Steemit (currently 59k SP), will mainly be used to upvote posts of that group of PH members. To ensure, that their content is upvoted with extra voting power.



I believe that this is the right direction, however I would also love to learn your opinion. Each one of you. So please, RESTEEM and drop a comment. I will read them all.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder



I agree, everything is for the betterment of the community and all the people who make life here.

On my own path I have been setting a 50% as beneficiary to ph-fund on both chains, as long as it is used for the growth and improvement of the community then I am cool with it.

Excellent news regarding the support achieved with @cryptoeater and @jacobyu.
With regard to the % of beneficiary I set it to 50% on both platforms a long time ago, I think it is an excellent incentive for those who do not yet do so in Project Hope.

Hi dear family

jacobyu delegate 50,003.738 SP to ph-support
Amazing? Isn't it?

I always see those movies where there is a genius, a person who goes beyond with his intelligence, who always achieves success, that hero who saves the world.

You are that hero @crypto.piotr you are the angel that saved my life, thanks for everything count on me for what you need 50% to ph-fund let's do it

Greetings friends, I believe that this is a very viable strategy to achieve the stability of the project, with the commitment of those who are part of this great community we can surely achieve sustainability in the future.

See you soon, count on my unconditional support.

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr and all the members of project-hope, I really think this is the right way to go because this way we will be on the road to our future independence and that is very valuable for all of us as a community, so you can count on my full support, success awaits us.

Greetings to all the friends of this beautiful community that has brought hope to all of us.

I think it is a wonderful idea because I consider it sustainable for the project, that is why you have my unconditional support.

Greetings and success to all.

It's fantastic that you were able to get some more delegation.

I would also be happy to join any curation trail if you decide to form it as that aspect may yield better results for the entire community in the long run.

I'm OK with setting up 50% beneficiary to ph-fund. In fact, I'm so happy to do that as I know it will be better for the long-term future of our beloved community.

Hi! Dear @crypto.piotr @project.hope
I think he is taking the right steps to grow.
The negotiation with whales seems excellent to me, but I think perhaps I could broaden the search for delegations towards small fish. In this way the project would grow and the small fish should also have the opportunity to grow supported by PH.
I wish you fast and big growth also in Steeemit.

I will point out my idea in the discord server

Read, agree with the proposal and put into practice in my publications.

Thank you @project.hope for all you do to help we the users. I am fully in support of setting on post to 50% and henceforth I will start setting my post to 50% on Steemit.

I am uncomfortable with the idea of 50% back. Having very small curation rewards of even a bit for myself is upsetting after all the time and effort to post something with more than 200 words.

Forgive me but I think I will stop posting in PH community when it is official. Good luck to your ventures. I wish you all good health and success.

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Dear @darthnava

I am uncomfortable with the idea of 50% back. Having very small curation rewards of even a bit for myself is upsetting after all the time and effort to post something with more than 200 words.

I've realized already that you're uncomfortable with many of my ideas.

I could point out, that those who set up 50/50 reward split are actually enjoying higher rewards (since I upvote them with solid votes). But it doesn't matter.

I spoke to few our leaders and I've asked them to make a list of all accounts which they consider active and engaging within PH. And noone mentioned your username.

Since you completely do not engage with anyone in our community - I figured that our paths are going to split either way and that I won't be using our voting power to support your content any more.

Good luck to you,

Yeah, I support the 50/50 reward split. Project Hope is here for the future. Great work every member of PH Team, you all are the best.

An understandable and great solution for the current situation and I will make sure to always contribute as much as possible.

 6 months ago 

Okay, I understand that I will and I do. It is a good way to achieve success.

We should continue to focus on growth. Regulators are not done with trying to curtail crypto. Growing through the establishment of industry standards will ensure a stronger community going forward.

dlease is not good on steemit and this is certainly a problem. I have already followed 50% on steem and its nice way to get extra funds to offer better payout to delegators. The delegation you shared is great and hope to see much more in coming weeks. Thanks for the update

Well now that you've said it, i'll make sure to set up 50% I guess this will be so that the fees for renting these powers are increasing daily and this will ensure adequate sustainability. There's nothing wrong with this, i'll start setting it up for tomorrow.

Hi @project.hope
I've been setting up 50% for some time now, it's a way to increase the income to the project and to be able to achieve these initiatives for the benefit of the community in general.
It is complicated, as you say, to achieve the same level of evolution of voting power in steemit as in hive, in view of the fact that Dlease has very little movement in steemit.
It seems to me a logical idea, and that can allow that in the course of time you can get to have a little more power and that benefits everyone.

Hi @crypto.piotr

As always, you can count on my support!

I confirm that I've received the post.

The truth is that we are all aware of the effort the community is putting in place just to reward users for their content in the community and I must say the team is really doing a great job as regards this.

I think everyone reading this should probably understand what's going on since it's all for the betterment of the community. I think we just have to take that sacrifice for now and enjoy the future benefit later.

I personally have no problem with the recent delegation strategy since it's all for the development of our community. I strongly agree with this idea.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️♥️

Read, understood, everything okay!

I am alrerady setting 50% beneficiary to ph-fund. And this is the change that much needed in steemit from a long time. Finally, you announced it so i am really happy to see it because now more people will encourage to do this. thanks.

Hello friend @crypto.piotr an excellent idea, I see that it has given good results and that makes me happy. Thanks for being our leader. I agree with you on everything. Greetings!

I think the option you shared to bring more delegation to PH is good. Its a good move. have a great day

The last option is more better even though it will be stressful and time taking. Since there is no way one can easily lease steem power. And I hope the liquid steem can cover up as payment

Hi @crypto.piotr
I will change to a 50/50 split with ph-support as beneficiary.

Hi friend @crypto.piotr. Looking for long term sustainability is the best, and the strategy used in Hive to set ph-fund as beneficiary with 50% can be reproducible in steemit, with that we are all growing in the end. I also think it is fair to reward with an extra vote to all those who set 50% that is something important to maintain motivation and balance. I have already been contributing 50% in both chains because I think it is the way to go, count on my support.

I believe its the right step. Great work @crypto.piotr and the entire PH team.

it's a cool idea, have you break it down and see what you earn/give to the delegators and such and at the end of the day how much steem the main account earns per day/week/month?

also regarding that

Building a strong curation trail and attracting more followers. This solution was one of my main focus . We're currently managing the biggest trail on SteemDB, however this tool is down almost as often as it is working. Blah :/

Isn't there an IT guy in the community or someone that can create a tool like that? If that's the only one and it's broken won't we need a better one? or could guys talk with a witness or something to create one?

 6 months ago 

it's a cool idea, have you break it down and see what you earn/give to the delegators and such and at the end of the day how much steem the main account earns per day/week/month?

Indeed. I do keep all notes and records in my excel sheet.

Thanks for dropping by buddy

I think 2nd and 3rd idea would be better to make this community independent. We as members are already supporting this community and attracting more members will also bring good results.

Hello friend. I think it is the right way to ensure the sustainability of the project in the future, little by little we must be more independent and collective support with the commitment of those who participate in this great community is a way to achieve it. You can count on my support in both chains.

This is great news

Hello my friend. It seems to me a viable strategy, I think it is important to ensure the autonomy of the project in the long term, together we can achieve it, you have my support.

The community is growing. We are looking for new delegates. I'm excited!😍

Great idea so far.. I have always believed in this community.
Great work leader

Greetings, I think it is a good idea, I support it, we know that you seek to benefit us all as a community, I support you and thank you

I have set my first post on both chains yesterday at 50%/50%, I think is an acceptable strategy to increase the PH-FUND.

Greetings friends, it seems to me a good strategy to make the community stronger among all. I will support this initiative.

It seems to me a fair strategy and one that will give excellent results.

The third approach has thus far yielded amazing results on hive, so I say we apply it on steem too. It is good that we have a visionary leader.

Good job @crypto.piotr

I think it is an excellent proposal @crypto.piotr and an ambitious initiative, since it will bring a sustainable path for the project, as well as greater rewards for the authors. I agree and I will adhere to this idea...

Yes, Final idea is awesome to me because it will make the Project.hope community more powerful.

The idea of 50% support isn't a bad idea i've always been in support of such initiative for this community to thrive and become independent in near future lots of effort and support need to be put together by each member and setting up 50% support fund will a great idea for us its a win win measure.

As long as it's for the sustainability of the PH community on Steemit, the idea is worth the support. Cool. and I'll e doing that from my next posts.

On this, I believe this is a very good idea because also for a while I have been wondering what should be done on the steemit blockchain concerning the projecthope community on steemit.

Thanks be to God and effort from you and other members of the community, the hive account is growing and more people are getting curated as a result of the more hive power in acquisition but the steemit can't just be left behind because just like you say I was wondering if therising or any other major account holder of steem power is remove from the curation trial, it might affect the rate people are getting curated on steemit but with this I believe it is a great initiative also to grow the curation trail base to become more stronger.

Thanks for sharing

The 50/50 reward split is a nice initiative. All for the growth and betterment of the community

This sure seems to be the direction to go
hopefully over time some of the accounts would be able to grow bigger and provide a tiered structure to support the community

can you make some post for people who came back after years ? (like me). Just recovered account :)

 6 months ago 

Hi @kolegaotaku

Do we know each other? :)

And to answer your question: no, I cannot commit into writing "some post" (I'm not even sure what would that mean) to people who came back after years lol :)

Anyway, I'm glad you've recovered your account.

Cheers, Piotr

I think that the 50% beneficiary to ph-fund is a great idea. Great work!

I'm so sorry my comment is coming late.
However, Yes! You have said and shared great ideas and also made it easier by analyzing the best of the idea which will be beneficial to all. I am so happy and I would be part of those who will take part in making PH dreams a reality.

I do agree as we definitely needs funds to keep the project running on the steemit chain as well as more the chain the better it is and i do keep the rewards split 50/50 on both the chain for supporting the project in my best possible way hope so it will help to certain extent and yes it will definitely help you get better negotiation power from whales.

After all the growth of PH community is more important than the reward anyone could earn.


I agree with the idea, you are always an inspiring leader.

I confirm that I have read and understood it.

[email protected] ,I completely agree, this will help the community in a short time to be independent. Excellent strategy.

The ideas and proposals are really good

Ha..ha...without project.hope support I will get nothing almost, so I don't might setting this 50% beneficiary, its working very well for me in HIVE, so can do it in steem but I need to figure out how to post in the @project.hope community here first.

In steampeak there used to be a dropdown where I chose project.hope community to post too, now its not there here at steemit.

50/50 reward split is a good option. And I don't mind at all doing it. 😊

I always thought survival on steemit was easier but may be I am wrong. Anyway, yeah you can set 50% beneficiary. I think that's the only way to attract more delegations. Isn't stinc offering any delegations for growing communities. They should be the first one's to support content on steemit. That to content that is manually curated.

Yeah, I feel your approach is the best. We can't reply on SteemDB, we need delegators and not trails. I hope you will be able to convince more whales to support us their delegators. And of course us, members will do our part by giving 50% beneficiary to support this course.

I will try to write more articles on the project hope community. I haven't written much on that community profile lately

50% sounds fantastic to me. It is a little thing to give to this great community.

50% sounds fantastic to me. It is a little thing to give to this great community.

Hi, @crypto.piotr good proposal. I will change to a 50/50 split with ph-support as the beneficiary. Take care.

Alejandro Aristeguieta
Junior Ambassador in Nutbox
CEO in Trading Capital

It is a great idea. I actually feel all ideas are OK and a lot of members have been using 50% for a while now which is good for the result. I expect more growth in the future.

Very good proposals in my opinion, Always a step in the right direction.

Sorry I missed this. I am doing 50/50 on Hive and its working great for me. So 50/50 on Steemit is fine with me.

I think using Dlease would be better. I'm still on holiday now but I'd be willing to pay for my own delegation of someone could do it for me.

 5 months ago 

enjoy your holiday @belemo :)

Yeah, I think the 50% beneficiary is the best way out. Because as you said, investors mostly care about their returns, nothing more, nothing less.

I will continue the 50% beneficiary to ph-fund. Nice work in convincing new delegators and investors.

The idea looks great.
But now the thing is people should follow it.
Even whoever wants to post in Project.hope should set 50% beneficiary as it is for the betterment of community and also it will give us an opportunity to get more profit in future.

That are awesome ideas, i Think i will delegate for sure but I need to wait some time to have more SP and HP

This is good idea so that in future we didn't face any problem if top delegaters left . ph fund will agin enough power to run the whole system easily.

 6 months ago 

Totally agree with that. Seems a good solution and I believe since it's at the cost of the people setting 50/50 rewards, it's also these authors that should profit from it.

My aim is to see project hope grows. I am in support

Hello leader, I hope you are well. I can tell you that I am with you, I think that after having tried other options and deciding on this one, you have my support.

Personally I think it is an excellent measure, which will make us more independent in the future and will bring a collective growth within the community of the hope project, personally I tell you that you can count on my support in relation to this initiative.


In accordance with the approach, since my first publication I have set 50/50 as beneficiary to @ph-fund. Success

hello greetings friend @crypto,piotr, I completely agree to apply the same strategy used in HIVE, to be replicated in Steemi, this will eventually make the PH community stronger.

In my opinion, I think the third idea is very great and it has resulted in sustainability of the community. I think rewarding the people that set 50/50 beneficiary to PH-fund with extra vote is a very righteous thing to do to encourage them to do more. On my own part, I have been setting 50/50 on both chains and you can count on my continuous support.

Hello, I believe that they are necessary measures to maintain balance in the community, in the long term this will bring the best results.

The sustainability of Project.HOPE in the long term is a collective commitment, the PH operating system in HIVE has given satisfactory results that today make us aware of the collective capacity and strength that exists in the community, I believe that doing so in STEEM will not be any impediment since in the end we all grow. Greetings @crypto.piotr thanks for the balance in each of your approaches to boost the growth of all.

I think it is a good idea, the less dependence we have on others the better.

Greetings @crypto.piotr throughout my stay in PH I have noticed the different routes or mechanisms that you have sought for the community to grow and the users in it to follow the same path, results that we can observe in HIVE. Now I consider that all of us who make life in PH are aware of the objectives behind the project. In such a way I consider right the approach you make in your writing for which I applaud your initiative to create a lasting project in time on the steemit platform. Thank you for keeping us informed.

Already doing it!
It is a win-win solution.

Hello dear friend @crypto.piotr, I believe that each of the users who make active life in PH must be committed to this project and make the sacrifices we have to make for the good of the collective community, now well your idea that we delegate 50% and 50% is the most correct because this way you can increase the income that eventually will serve to make deals with those whales that can give us strong votes. I am sure that with the contribution of each one soon our community will be more strengthened.

Best regards.

These are pretty goods suggestions to encourage members to keep alive this great community. It is reasonable the one about providing the PH fund a certain amount to be a beneficiary from our posts and then get great votes bcase of that. I personally did not know this condition so far but I will take this in count. Keep going the hard work in Steemit platformand regards to everybody. Cheers.

I have a difficult time understanding how curation trails and splitting votes can actually benefit anyone. If a person is getting very little from their actions here on Steemit already, how can they earn more by giving away 50% of what they earn? And how does PH benefit from buying/renting SP? Would the whales leasing the SP not be better off using it themselves? Why would they charge PH less than what they would get if they simply used it to vote on 10 posts per day?

Perhaps if I understood how the algorithm is gamified, all this would make sense, but for now it seems very convoluted and confusing.

Similarly, if I have only 10 votes per day and I join a curation trail, I could be making 100 votes per day and not know it. My votes would be practically worthless when divided so many times. With negligible VP, I would get back 50% of nothing as my curation reward. Again, I don't understand how anyone actually benefits from these programs. I must be missing some key points of information. If you could enlighten me, I would be grateful.

this is an excellent idea that has already proven to be effective in the hive, you have our support in the decisions you make for the community and finally to know that more whales are entering the community is great news.

me gusta mucho la idea todo sea crecer como comunidad

Since I joined this community, I feel at ease. I believe that the 50/50 benefit at the end of the day benefits all of us. Count on me for this and I commit myself to interact more with other members and their publications that I find excellent and I like their topics.

Hi, my friend. I too agree with your points. I strongly believe this will help to grow up community stronger.I'm looking forward for project hope become successful. you have my support

Hello to all, and specially to @crypto.piotr
I will join this movement with the 50/50 support

Look at the idea of setting 50 percentage beneficiary to ph-fund is a good one in the sense that if we can get more delegators to support the ph-community. Not only will it help the community to upvote better but will also help each member to receive a better reward at the end of the day.

I am fully in support of this idea. I hope it work out well as expected at the end of the day.

That's will be wonderful and encouraging for most especially beginner like me. I really need an up vote on my post that's will really serve as an encouragment for me. Thank you