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In this post, our team will do our best to introduce you to the project.hope delegation program on Steemit. Hopefully we will manage to encourage some of you to join and support our efforts while enjoying some solid weekly dividends.

Some of you may have already heard about @project.hope, as we've been around for a few years already. It is a community built on the Steemit platform and is dedicated towards supporting quality content related to a few particular topics.

Subjects that are close to our hearts:

  • technology,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing, psychology, etc.

Our community can be found here:

You may also consider checking out our Discord channel, where one of our founders (crypto.piotr) will greet you and gladly answer any questions that you may have :)



As mentioned above, @project.hope has been around for quite a while now (around 3 years) and since then, we've been supporting quality content published by a decent group of authors. With this little success, we would love to expand our reach by supporting even more people. However to do so, it is necessary to secure a higher voting power (SP) since our current resources are currently quite limited.

Our efforts have been already supported with delegations received from several members and we provide all of them in return with solid weekly dividends.

We currently offer 13% APR (on average manual curation can get you between 8-9% APR) to all delegators who meet just one simple criteria of our program: delegating a minimum of 500 SP.

You can do it by simply clicking on this link: delegate 1000SP to project.hope

PASSIVE INCOME - How does it work?


Our aim is to attract support coming from the following group of people:

  • those who like our vision and see value in what we do
  • those who simply you don't have time to engage in manual curation on Steemit
  • those who would like to enjoy high dividends (paid with STEEM, on weekly basis)

We provide a solid payout to all delegators. Most likely higher than what you could earn from curation rewards yourself. For each 1000 SP delegated, you will be receiving 2.5 STEEM (payouts will take place every weekend).

In other words: by delegating your SP to @project.hope you will be able to enjoy passive income up to 13% APR.



First of all - some of you may not know what APR stands for. It is nothing else than Annual Percentage Rate.

You may have wondered how to check and calculate your own APR. After all, it would be wise to do that and compare currently earned payouts to what we are offering.

You can do that by following a few simple steps:

1.) visit
2.) check what your "reward summary" is for the recent 30 days and multiply it by 12 months
3.) divide the resulted amount by your SP

Example: if your recent 30 days rewards has reached 70 steem and your SP is worth 10k SP, then 60 x 12 / 10000 = 8,4% APR

Quite simple, isn't it? :)

A RESTEEM would be appreciated

HELP US REACH OUT to larger audiences by resteeming this publication. We would be grateful for every single resteem.

.Some usefull links:
Our Project.hope community on Steemit:
Our discord channel:
Delegating 500 SP:

@project.hope team


Wow! This is actually one of the best passive income one can ever earn on the steem blockchain. This is really impressive!!

Read and resteemed. Nice initiative!

ProjectHope is an awesome community, with very powerful initiative.

Good idea, I have read it, have upvoted it, resteemed it, and send a delegation, so good luck for all of us ;)

 last year 

Thank you for all that support @don-t :)

I'm glad to see that ProjectHope is growing stronger and better by the day. Thanks for sharing!

You got my support, already delegated 1K SP and looking forward to getting more SP to delegate, thanks for sharing this passive income method with us.

 last year 

Appreciate greatly your support :)

PH has always provided the best option to earn through delegation and I hope more people join this.

Resteemed, upvoted and when I had enough mana, I will delegate.

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