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RE: How to exchange steem or hive into Bolivares

in Project HOPElast year
Hi how's everything? We want to tell you that in the middle of the blockade that Steem presented in all the exchanges, we decided not to leave the community that uses this currency alone, assuming all the risks, so we were the last catwalk to disable the currency and we were only like that for a few hours . We want to invite our community not to fall for fake news like this, any changes made on the platform will be reported by all our channels. Our commitment to you is what helps us grow. We invite you to follow us in our RRSS, you can find us as on Instagram and Facebook, orinoco_io on Twitter and Orinoco on Steemit.

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 last year 

Hi @orinoco,
Thank you very much for your comment and for clarifing this. I also saw that you allow deposits of steem again and am very happy about it. Continue with your great service!

Best regards,

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