Time Lost Is Opportunity Lost | Manage Your Time Wisely

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Good day everyone. Hope you all are doing awesome. Time can be referred to as a priceless opportunity that is open to everyone to make lives better by making judicious use of it and in life, you always have the opportunity to achieve your purpose even though time waits for no one.

Talking about Time Management, we are referring to the process of organising and controlling purpose in within a specific period. People always say say they don't have enough time to do this and that, some even say they need more than 24 hours in a day. Never say that because everyone, even the richest in the whole world has the same 24 hours and nothing changed.

For you to be able to manage your time we'll, the first thing ever is setting your priorities right and having the right scale of preference just like I mentioned in my previous post. Make sure you are done with specific tasks that you have set for yourself per day before moving on to others even if you didn't complete all in a day. By doing this,you would have recorded some success for the current day.

You also need to be organized so as not to misplace your important priorities. You can even be documenting your items as this can make your work more organised easily accessible because if you keep jumping on every document without clarity, it could bring about distraction and low response.

Also, this may seem difficult but learn not to spend much time on vain things like social media, watching unnecessary things on tv, playing games and so on while you have important things to do. Do not drain your productivity spirit.

Lastly, No human is born with the skills of time management but people determine to choose what they do and in wise ways by setting some Time Management skills right. Be your own manager and manage your time well and wisely. Remember, time lost is life lost and life lost is an opportunity lost which may never be recovered.

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I must say that "time" is the very currency of the existence of life and to waste time is to lose this currency. This is why we should take advantage of opportunities as they come per time.
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you are absolutely right, organizing time to make it more productive is a skill that is learned over time because no one is born with the knowledge of how to efficiently manage your time, today there are many tools that facilitate time management, we just have to make technology a means for productivity instead of just entertaining us.

Time is very special in this life, any time you lost, you can never in any way recover it back. Try to always make use of your time perfectly.

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One of the useful tools to obtain maximum time productivity is time planning, with it you can control and follow up the proposed activities.
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My dear, time is actually really important and time not properly utilized cannot be regained again.

Hi @oredebby. Time management is sometimes not easy. I think the most important thing is to prioritize the activities we have to do and get organized, that's what has worked for me. That way you can have time for yourself, for your work and for your family. Greetings

Nice! One thing we can do to improve our time management is schedule our time. This will give us a window into our actual available time. Some things are a part of our everyday life – eating, sleeping, work, exercise, reading, etc. You'll be surprised at what you find is available. It will keep you focused.

Time is one of our most precious assets, simply because we can't get it back, time badly spent is a wasted opportunity, that's why it is very important to dispose of it properly, especially when it comes to work.

Proper time Management always help in the life goal accomplishments. It is always necessary for us to manage our time effectively

Time is the most important part of life , time once gone we cannot bring it back so we have to be very careful in our work and life so we grab each opportunity.