Connection Might Take You There But Character Will Keep You There

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Good day beautiful people. How you all are doing awesome today. Happy New week to everyone. So this morning I remembered one of the teachings of my former boss who always taught us about character. There was this beautiful lady who was accepted as an intern through someone who knew someone who knew my boss. After many connections here and there, she was accepted and then started working with us.


Days and weeks passed and she was still on her best behavior and then the second month after then, she started misbehaving in a way and started disrespecting people in the office. My boss was informed about this but decided not to act yet but to stay put and watch her closely.

Well, character as they say is a flame and will always come out no matter how we try to cover it up. It happened that this lady went out clubbing after work on a Thursday evening and got badly drunk and drained. She was in this dizzy state even till the next morning and went to work that way. At the entrance where we do put down our names for attendance, my boss was already waiting there and she came in looking wasted.

She wanted to put down her name but someone else, a man who happened to be the admin officer was writing his name, this man was just taking his time with the attendance book and this drunk lady got sparked up and shouted loudly at the admin to write his name fast or get the hell out. It was obvious she didn't even see the boss seated. The boss then called her name and she was in great shock seeing that the boss already saw her and who she really is. To cut the story shocked, she was sacked for her bad character which she has been keeping for long and that blocked her from getting into other companies for a while due to a bed recommendation.

Well this is what brought about my topic, you can get to whatever height in life but bad character will always find a way to disgrace you and bring you down. Watch yourself today and build a solid character worthy of emulation. The time is now.



hello @oredebby
it is common for people of influence to reach positions they cannot hold because their bad character leads them to forget that they are not the centre of attraction in this world, being considerate and creating a good reputation can open more doors than we think, so it is best to be humble in character at all times.

Very correct.

Hello friend, you are very right, the character and our way of being and acting says a lot about us. Working in a team sometimes is not easy but we must maintain a good work environment, otherwise the best thing to do is to open our own business. I think it is the best option for people of this type. Greetings!

You are right but talking about opening a business, they will still have to relate with people anyway, so good character is still to be put in check. Thanks

The topic alone says it all, character is needed to keep us in the position where connections have taken us to, there is no amount of connection that keep us in a place with a bad character.

Exactly. No amount of connections can keep us at our goal. God character will.

Hi @oredebby no doubt our behavior says a lot about who we really are and sometimes our actions end up playing a dirty trick, such is the case of the character you describe us in your writing lines, thank you for your input and sharing through PH

Yes, our character says a lot about us everywhere we find ourselves.

That's why wherever you find yourself, always try to build up a good character because your character can either help you or disgrace you

Very true. May our character not disgrace us.