The Biggest Crisis that Colombia Needs to Exploit! NOW!

Yes, Colombia is struggling, but we still aren't awake to the potential of the resources and manufacturing here. The benefit of having been isolated both politically and economically, is that many pieces of the supply chain puzzle are, in fact, manufactured/available here.

From raw materials to finished electronics and other goods, national leaders should be in serious talks right now to fill that demand!! Where is this demand? In the US and Canada. Below is a video that details the exact issues of the current crisis. It is the biggest crisis that Colombia needs to exploit, NOW!

We Have the Resources At Our Fingertips

From agriculture, to rare earth metals (, Colombia has it all. In the industrial sector we have old but usable machines, and in some places, the latest technology.

Types of manufacturing include industries such as the processing of cotton, wool and even hygienic goods like toilet paper. There is even a technology sector which produces home appliances, builds vehicles and manufactures replacement parts. The sheer scope of Colombian potential is staggering.

Machines like this one, which was built in 1892 in Germany, are still in use in forgotten corners of Colombia. This one is located in Marulanda, Caldas and is used for processing wool.

Consider the following video on YouTube about current supply chain breakdowns. Our prices have stayed extremely low in comparison to what is happening up there, but it might be time to start preparing to meet that potential.

We are asleep here in Colombia - as we sit on a GIANT pile of resources, and global Asian-based supply chains are breaking. Why is this not making major headlines in Colombia? We are so close to the North American market, yet so far away in terms of export regulations which price the average competitor out of the business.

There are Massive Hurdles to Overcome

Unfortunately, our own production also dropped in 2020 due to the lockdown of the world economy by the globalist psychopaths. According to, cotton production is actually down 76% of previous production.

With so much national and global demand - not to mention massive unemployment, facilitation of the manufacturing sectors needs to be a high priority of the national government going forward.

Social Responsibility

This is the painful part. Ultimately the global supply chain is broken, which is what the previous video talks about. Shipping container shortages, basic staples, and special parts from China, are all leading to massive shortages across the nation in War-Marts and retail stores. Most of it isn't visible due to the re-shuffling and re-organizing of displays to give an appearance of normalcy, but try to analyze volume now versus a year ago. This is where the real evidence lies.

The solution is an individual social responsibility to learn how to make, create, and re-use on a local level everything that we are currently reliant on from other countries. This might mean that we revert back to artisan lifestyles where small local factories and family units look for a niche to fill. It WILL be painful as people try to re-learn old methods. But, Colombia has the one-up on that because many old methods are still in use today!!

But, I digress...

The Biggest Crisis that Colombia Needs to Exploit

is FOOD. We have such a tremendous production capacity, that there are fortunes to be made exporting to the US - if the folks over at DIAN and ICA don't try to tax the traditional small business model out of existence. So far, they have made it so difficult even for things like Cannabis reform, that only the very few with high liquidity can really get their products to foreign markets.

Again, there are MASSIVE obstacles - but why the hell, or Que CARAJO!! as we say here = are we not exporting food to the US and Canada???

Because as always, the BANKSTERS are manipulating their own gains, while the masses sleep and worry about why they can't get jobs or earn a dignified income while they vote for local bureaucrats who only steal whatever money DOES present itself.

Finally, it is up to each one of us, to look at what we can produce AND sell in our local community - stop voting - and BUY MORE BITCOIN! Together, if enough of us work at it, we can create our own future - but it isn't going to be easy.

For Spanish Speakers

Here is a list of all the procedures and documents required to participate in exportation in Colombia:

Recent News:

There is light at the end of the tunnel for people with vision and resources. In 2020, Colombia increased export sales of farm raised Red Tilapia fish by 48%. With more of this same effort, the easing of export taxes/requirement - we could theoretically fill a massive gap in American supply and demand. Something to consider.


I just hope every suffering country will eventually be happy, peaceful and enjoying one day. It's really saddens my heart anytime I think about the crisis happening in Venezuela and Colombia.. Let's just keep hoping for the best.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕♥️

It will take a serious awakening of consciousness about the world we live in. Until we understand that laws are only limits to creativity and opportunity - people will continue to participate in the slave system. But, maybe this is why they are locking us down so much... #wakeuptime

Hello @openmindedtravel Venezuelans owe a lot to Colombia thanks to being such a productive country has saved us in part our livelihood, its best product is the beautiful country that have for tourism wonderful coffee and leather worthy world examples, very good your post, thank you and success

Thanks for reading and participating. People are waking up! #keepmovingforward

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