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There is a deeper truth to everything that is going on in Colombia right now - and it is essentially a revolution, not unlike what happened in Venezuela. Where a generation of disillusioned youth became adults but our opportunities are more limited than ever by theft, corruption and fiscal irresponsibility such as the infinite printing of money.

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Welcome to Hunger Games in Colombia

There are some strange coincidences to mind regarding the Paro Nacional - or National Strike, which incidentally began on April 28th of 2021. OECD: Organisation For Economic Co-operation and Development. Here's what the OECD Website had to say:

"On April 28th, 2020 Colombia has officially become an OECD member , the 37th country to do so in the Organizations near 60 year history."

So ironic that one year to the day - Colombia goes into revolt about a tax reform they literally tried to foist on the people, after joining the "rich countries club." Looks like its Colombia's turn to have a bake sale and raise funds for the Proud Boys.

In [This Article] about the OECD, researchers note that "While many international organisations have near universal membership, the OECD was established as a club. However, it now recognises that it needs to engage key nonmembers in order to help govern the world economy." [1]

To look at it in my perspective, essentially, it is a Proud Boys club, with a majority membership in Europe and North America, which seeks to "govern the world economy," as per the previous quote. And, of course they have their own set of recommended tax measures which have been timed to coincide with economic reopening.

Essentially, they want certain social programs, environmental measures, and tax rates to apply to people who still haven't recovered from the lockdowns, and economic controls. [2]

The Revolution

In Colombia, the Paro Nacional, or National Strike is being carefully shut down by the government where instead of getting rid of the tax reform and lowering congressional salaries, they are instead restricting the flow of food and gasoline.

By having all the trucker unions shut down the roads, I mean strike, authorities are using a strong arm method of hunger and immobility to tempt people to stop protesting. Behind these shortages prices are spiking and the desired profits are being taken out of the people by force.

What next? Will we see hyperinflation followed by revolution and civil war?

Long term expat residents are digging in their heels and expecting to ride out the chaos, while recent arrivals are generally packing up and going home, or onward to their next comfortable tropical destination. I know of one nomad couple who went to Mexico, and several who are returning to the US indefinitely.

In cities like Manizales and Pereira, in the interior of the country, there are cash shortages, and fuel supply crisis, which also leads to other commodity shortages like eggs, or milk products. In pueblos, farmers markets and giveaways are unloading crops which can't be used or shipped.

Is arrogance and hubris driving President Ivan Duque to raise taxes on a stressed economy for the sake of exclusive membership in the Rich Countries Club, the OECD? Or, are they genuinely seeking to create new social programs to provide relief to stressed businesses and households in an economy which was declared 'FREE' to open as of April 28th by the same president?

The protests ask for more rights, more rights are more taxes, more taxes generate lower salaries and unemployment, which generate more protests. The vicious cycle of Latin American underdevelopment. - Colombian Libertarian Party

Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers in this article as we encourage critical thought on the topic of tax reform, health reform policy and social programs. My hope is that Colombia stabilizes enough, that at least for now, that we have another chance to activate and try to get through this before hyperinflation hits us.

Colombia could be the proverbial domino which topples the world economy. Being pegged to the US Dollar means that the market bubbles and monetary policy could be at the end of the road as inflation and food shortages begin to hit the US this summer. To some extent this is being engineered on a worldwide level. Mass protests have swept through countries around the world over the last few weeks, in Latin America and Europe.


This is a good time to be building your cryptocurrency portfolio, diversifying assets into gold, silver and things of tangible value for trade/exchange. Evaluate your neighbors for potential support structures and value exchange models. Hyperinflation can be beaten, but it won't be easy and the authorities are NOT the ones to depend on.


  1. "From Club of the Rich to 'Globalisation 'a-la-carte'? Evaluating Reform at the OECD"
  2. "Tax Policy Reforms 2021: Special Edition on Tax Policy During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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